100,000 Women: Our Campaign’s incredible impact

Read the Foundation's 100,000 Women Campaign impact report.

Together with partners, we successfully completed our 100,000 Women Campaign, exceeding our target and supporting 100,274 women entrepreneurs around the world! Our new impact report shares the Campaign’s key milestones and achievements.

Between 2019 and 2022 we aimed to reach 100,000 women with our work. This was no small task, but thanks to the generosity and dedication of our donors, supporters, partners and Global Campaign Board, the Campaign was a massive success!

100,000 Women impact report

Read the report (15.1MB pdf)


Our Founder, Cherie Blair CBE KC, shared what this achievement means, not only for the Foundation, but for everyone: “The success of our Campaign means women across the world are better positioned to create jobs, generate income for their families, innovate, provide important services, solve social issues, contribute to their economies, and build women’s influence and visibility as business leaders. The ripple effect of their success will touch millions of lives.

Key achievements

100,274 women supported

90 countries reached

£7.7m funds raised

Damilola Asaleye, poses in a 'Solar Queen' shirt at the Ashdam Solar Company office

I see myself contributing to changing the world in a positive way. I see my work in trying to reduce energy poverty as very critical.

Damilola Asaleye is a green energy trailblazer in Nigeria. Our HerVenture app and Road to Growth programme built her financial literacy, strengthening her business and better positioning her to tackle energy and sustainability issues.

Four years of impact

Year 1: 2019

  • We supported 20,902 women, with 97% gaining skills.
  • Our Mentoring Women in Business programme mentees created 1,395 jobs, and 71% increased profit.
  • We ran our Road to Growth programme in Nigeria and Mexico. 100% of participants in Mexico gained clearer business vision.
  • Our Mujeres AVE project provided training and support to 300 women in Oaxaca, Mexico, where most of the population live in poverty.
  • 92% of HerVenture app users in Vietnam increased business confidence.
  • We also brought HerVenture to Nigeria, where 11,000+ women downloaded in its first year alone.
  • Our Ekta project provided 80 women in remote villages in India with business development support.

Year 2: 2020

  • We supported 26,410 women, with 90% growing their confidence.
  • 93% of women we spoke to were negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We rapidly developed new training and resources to support women in response.
  • We launched our first annual audit, key research surveying women entrepreneurs worldwide on their experiences and challenges.
  • 95% of mentees increased innovation.
  • 76% of HerVenture users in Vietnam increased clients.
  • 1,200 women took our online business resilience course to access rapid support through the pandemic.
  • Road to Growth launched in Indonesia and Vietnam as part of our WEAVE project.
  • 81% of Road to Growth participants in Nigeria increased savings.

Year 3: 2021

  • We supported 22,899 women.
  • 95% of Road to Growth participants applied new skills to their businesses. We brought the programme to Guyana and Kenya for the first time.
  • Our new Road to Leadership programme was launched, training 135 women in Nigeria, Kenya, Vietnam and Indonesia in leadership and advocacy.
  • Our Mentoring Women in Business programme was awarded gold standard accreditation by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.
  • Our WEAVE project in Indonesia and Vietnam successfully reaches 12,000 women. 85% of participants in Indonesia grew their revenue.
  • 778 people joined our global summit to challenge gender stereotypes affecting women entrepreneurs.
  • 1,136 women watched our free training webinars.
  • We brought HerVenture to South Africa and Guyana, reaching around 2,000 women in each country in just the first year alone. 90% of users in Guyana grew their business knowledge.

Year 4: 2022

  • We supported 30,063 women, with 90% making progress towards their own objectives and 89% improving business management.
  • We brought Road to Growth to South Africa, where 100% of participants grew their networks.
  • 92% of HerVenture users in Nigeria improved business performance.
  • Our new Road to Finance programme was launched in Guyana and Nigeria. 87% of participants in Guyana achieved confidence in applying for finance.
  • HerVenture won its fourth award in recognition of its huge impact.
  • 100% of Road to Leadership participants in Kenya learned about communication and leadership skills.
  • We begin a critical advocacy project, working to shape policy and practices relating to unequal unpaid care work.
  • The Campaign achieved its goal, supporting a total of 100,274 women entrepreneurs!
Ha Shanam, Vietnamese woman entrepreneur

The success of our business has allowed us to pay Snowshan tea tree farmers in rural Vietnam double what they made before... they can afford better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Ha Shanam set up Vietnam’s first ancient snowshan tea brand. Our Mentoring programme gave her confidence and knowledge that brought growth and success to her business.

100,000 Women impact report

Download the report (15.1MB pdf)


Thank you to everyone who helped make the Campaign a success and to the women entrepreneurs themselves who used our services over the past four years.

Still, our work is not done. Following the success of the 100,000 Women Campaign, we have now launched our Ready for Business strategy, which will see us revolutionise business opportunities for one million women by 2030.

To do this, we plan to:

  • Scale up and innovate our women-centred services so more women are able to fulfil their potential.
  • Grow a network of expert partners to develop and deliver our work with us.
  • Amplify women entrepreneurs’ voices and advocate globally to challenge the systems and structures holding women back.
  • Create a worldwide community committed to funding our work and accelerating equality for women entrepreneurs.

We can’t do this alone. Join us now to help close the gender gap in entrepreneurship.