Road to Growth in Guyana

Our seven-week intensive Road to Growth programme has run in Guyana since 2021 with the support of our partners.

With the support of our partners, the ExxonMobil Foundation and ActionINVEST Caribbean Inc., we are running our seven-week intensive Road to Growth business training programme in Guyana, now in its second round.

Road to Growth is one of the Foundation’s five flagship programmes. The seven-week intensive business management and investment readiness programme uses a unique, custom-built online learning tool. This programme also presents the women who participate with networking opportunities within the group, which, as we know from other women entrepreneurs who have taken part in Road to Growth, serves as a highly successful professional and personal support system.

Around 100 Guyanese women entrepreneurs have been selected to undertake an intensive, seven-week financial literacy and investment readiness training course. This is massive growth from last year’s programme, which supported 25 women entrepreneurs in Guyana.

Why did we bring Road to Growth to Guyana?

105th where Guyana ranks out of 156 countries in gender equality.

We are committed to eliminating the gender gap in entrepreneurship and creating a future where women entrepreneurs can thrive. Helen McEachern, CEO, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women

Over half of early stage entrepreneurs in the region reported that starting a businesses is harder in summer 2021 than a year ago.

Road to Growth: an intensive business management and investment readiness programme

Road to Growth is one of the Foundation's five flagship programmes, which also include Road to Leadership, Road to Finance, HerVenture and the Mentoring Women in Business programme. The programme is delivered over seven weeks, covering a new topic every week. Road to Growth is currently delivered in Nigeria, Kenya and Guyana.

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Our partners

Road to Growth in Guyana is supported by our partner the ExxonMobil Foundation, and delivered with our partner ActionInvest Caribbean.