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It is imperative that we make fundamental changes at a global level to dismantle the barriers holding women entrepreneurs back from success and equality. First, we need to know exactly what these barriers are.

Carrying out primary research and listening to first-hand experiences of women entrepreneurs is a vital part of the work we do. Identifying these barriers women entrepreneurs face, as well as why they exist and their potential solutions, is crucial to overcoming them and enacting change for all the women entrepreneurs of the future.

Bridging the Divide: Women, Tech and Business Success, 2023

Identifying women’s common challenges and opportunities, this report casts a particular spotlight on the broader influence and potential of technology, such as AI, for women’s businesses, and resulting gendered social and economic outcomes.

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Resilience and Determination in the Face of Global Challenges, 2022

This report highlights the key issues facing women entrepreneurs in 2022, including unequal unpaid care work, gender stereotypes, and lack of access to finance as well as our calls to action for tackling them.

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Resilience & Determination in the Face of Global Challenges. 2022 Audit of Women Entrepreneurs in Low and Middle Income Countries

Gender Stereotypes and Their Impact on Women Entrepreneurs, 2021

This report highlights and suggests ways to tackle the gender stereotypes that shape women’s journeys to and through entrepreneurship.

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Gender stereotypes

Women Entrepreneurs: Surviving the Pandemic & Beyond, 2021

This comprehensive report draws on responses from 125 women across 32 countries. It illustrates the stark impacts of COVID-19 on women entrepreneurs and other major barriers they face—such as gender stereotypes, legal challenges and lack of access to finance.

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Woman Entrepreneurs: Surviving the pandemic and beyond

Women Entrepreneurs Struggling & Innovating in the Face of COVID-19, 2020

As COVID-19 began to take a hold in 2020, we ran a short survey with women who have participated or were currently participating in our mentoring and entrepreneurship programmes to better understand what was happening and how we could help.

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Woman entrepreneurs' hands using the HerVenture app

Levelling the Playing Field: What Women Entrepreneurs Want, 2020

First hand evidence from women entrepreneurs around the world about the challenges they face and what they think the solutions might be.

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Neeta Mohan poses with fruit at her jam business.

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Research conducted in 2012 into the gender gap in access to mobile technology in South Asia.

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Research conducted in 2012 into mobile services which can help women entrepreneurs develop their businesses.

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An in-depth study on the role of women in the mobile phone industry, published in 2011.

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A ground-breaking report published in 2010, quantifying the gender gap in mobile technology across developing countries.

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