Road to Finance

Accessing finance is the biggest challenge many women entrepreneurs face. Our Road to Finance training is a key part of the solution.

Women entrepreneurs tell us that accessing finance is the biggest challenge they face to growing their businesses. Our Road to Finance training is a key part of the solution.

Our research identifies a lack of access to finance as the most significant obstacle for women entrepreneurs in low and middle income countries, with over a third (36%) of those we surveyed reporting it as their main challenge.

Globally, women-led start-ups receive less than 3% of venture capital funding, and only 2-10% of commercial bank finance goes to women-owned businesses.

Multiple barriers limit women’s access to investment and credit for their businesses and affect their decisions around accessing products and services.

Key barriers women experience include a lack of knowledge and confidence, as well as systemic barriers like gender stereotypes, biased systems and processes, and a lack of suitable products.

This means millions of businesses worldwide are held back from growth, spelling huge missed potential for women entrepreneurs, and by extension their families, communities and economies.

Road to Finance's impact

95% of participants in 2022 grew their professional networks.

130 women entrepreneurs have been supported.

100% of participants in 2022 would recommend the programme.

Developed in 2021, our Road to Finance programme supports ambitious women in low and middle income countries to build their skills and confidence in order to successfully secure finance, grow their businesses and achieve their potential.

Through four weeks, with additional self-paced learning online, women can access step by step guidance on how to get the finance they need for their businesses. Our training gives women entrepreneurs:

  • The ability to identify and assess their current business situation
  • An understanding of what business financing options exist, and how to assess what is needed for their business
  • Knowledge of how to develop a financial plan and related documents to get the best financing
  • Key skills and strategies needed to develop and deliver a successful investment pitch
  • The ability to negotiate with a potential lender or investor
  • Increased business confidence
  • Boosted professional networks
  • Direct linkages to financial services

With their new knowledge, skills and confidence, women entrepreneurs can go on to successfully unlock the finance they need, leading to increased business growth, resilience and sustainability, and ultimately women succeeding as business owners.

Road to Finance was piloted successfully in early 2022 with 80 women in Nigeria and Guyana. The programme is now delivered formally in both countries, and can be brought to new countries through funding partnerships.

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