We help release the potential of women entrepreneurs, so they can redefine the future.
Our Enterpreneurship Programmes empower women entrepreneurs with skills and tools to transform their businesses.
We connect women entrepreneurs in low and middle income countries with men and women mentors around the world.
We're on a mission to raise £10m by 2022 to help 100,000 women to redefine the future.

Why we exist

Women’s economic equality is non-negotiable. But all over the world, women earn less than men and are more likely to own small, informal businesses. They are less likely to have access to assets, property and financial services. They are more likely to do unpaid work. This doesn’t just limit their opportunities and livelihoods. It means half the world’s population is being denied basic human rights. Through entrepreneurship, we help women take control of their lives and create a route towards financial independence.

How we work

With our partners around the world, we empower women and girls to start and grow successful businesses – and to redefine the future for themselves and those around them. To make it happen, we deliver business training and mentoring. We use technology to help women connect, learn and reach more people. We open doors to finance, markets and networks. We press for changes that break down the barriers entrepreneurs face. And because women everywhere face different challenges, we tailor our work to what women tell us matters most to them.

We need you

Collaborating with local partners and the best suppliers around the globe makes us stronger and makes our work more relevant. So we co-create programmes with our partners and funders, based on what the women we support tell us they need. We form corporate partnerships that increase women’s economic empowerment. We link with local partners in 100+ countries to increase our reach. And we rely on the generosity of individual supporters to help more women and girls discover the power of being an entrepreneur.

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