Road to Leadership in Kenya

Our Road to Leadership training supports women entrepreneurs in Kenya to thrive as leaders.

Women have the power to influence change and power economic prosperity, yet they are often held back by structural and social barriers. The number of women in C-suite and board positions in Kenya is below the global average, at 11% and 10% respectively compared to the global average of 12% for both.

With the support of our partners, DHL Express, Smart Regional Consultants and our previous partners Sinapis, we’ve delivered our Road to Leadership training to women entrepreneurs in Kenya since 2021. 

Our Road to Leadership training is specifically developed for ambitious women entrepreneurs, supporting them to build the knowledge, confidence, skills and influence they need to thrive as leaders. Participants are guided through the leadership, communication and advocacy basics, focusing on what women need to grow as powerful changemakers through three online sessions. The training has supported them to better lead and influence within their companies, with their stakeholders and beyond. 

So far, over 300 Kenyan women entrepreneurs have participated in the programme, which has seen incredible impacts: 

100% of participants in 2022 said the programme helped them identify key skills needed to be a good leader

100% learned more about communication barriers

88% learned more about using advocacy to address gendered structural barriers women entrepreneurs face

Road to Leadership: an introduction to leadership and influencing

Our Road to Leadership training supports women entrepreneurs to build the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to thrive as leaders and understand how to influence change.

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Our partners

Road to Leadership in Kenya is supported by our partner DHL and delivered with our partner Smart Regional Consultants (SRC).