Our strategy

Our ‘Redefining the Future’ strategy sets out our direction until 2023.

At the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, we are ambitious.

And so are the incredible women that we work with across the world. We are ambitious for entrepreneurship to become a growing opportunity enabling women’s economic empowerment and equality. We are ambitious for the entrepreneurial ecosystem to better support women and their businesses. We are ambitious for the growth, development and sustainability of our own organisation so we can help incredible women around the world fulfil their potential. Our strategy ‘Women entrepreneurs. Redefining the future’ was created to ensure we can bring these ambitions to life.

What we’ll achieve through the ‘Redefining the future’ strategy

From 2019 until the end of 2022, we aim to empower over 100,000 women and girls in low and middle-income countries to fulfil their potential as entrepreneurs. We will work in places where entrepreneurship offers a powerful path to financial independence and places where decent work for women is more scarce.

We will focus on working with women who own or are starting up small and growing enterprises and also women micro-entrepreneurs involved in small-scale informal work who may be vulnerable to poverty or exploitation.

Alongside this, we’ll identify flagship programmes that we can develop into a portfolio of products and services that can be delivered by partners in places that we are currently unable to reach. And we’ll add leadership development programmes and free training resources to the services we offer.

In addition to a programmatic focus, the Foundation will integrate our ambition to help create an ecosystem around women entrepreneurs that enables them to thrive by increasing our advocacy focus. And we are increasing our focus on strategic partnerships, specifically on relationships that increase the sustainability of our work.

Download our 'Redefining the Future' strategy

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During 2022, we will be developing a new strategy to take us into the Foundation’s next strategy period. We can’t wait to share our new direction with you in Autumn 2022!