Our principles

Our principles represent our values and articulate the best of who we are, how we work today and our aspirations for the future.

Women entrepreneurs at our heart

Without women entrepreneurs we wouldn’t exist, so it is vital we put their experiences, perspectives and passions at the heart of what we do and how we do it.

Feminist first

We proudly follow feminist leadership principles, building an inclusive environment where everyone feels they belong.

Great to work with

We care. We are experts. We always seek to deliver high-quality work and results. We are positive and professional, and always operate with integrity.

Dynamic and entrepreneurial

The essence of entrepreneurship is creativity and innovation. We harness this spirit of courage, embracing opportunities and making bold moves to achieve our mission.

Powered by knowledge

We seek data to understand and share. We nurture a culture of enquiry and positive challenge. We look outward and encourage dialogue and exchange.