HerVenture in Nigeria

Our free business skills app HerVenture has supported 28,000 women entrepreneurs in Nigeria to grow their businesses.

With support from the ExxonMobil Foundation and the Enterprise Development Centre, HerVenture has been available in Nigeria since 2019. 

Women owned businesses make up 40% of newly created businesses in Nigeria and women entrepreneurs account for 39% of the country’s business ownership, compared to a global average of 34%. With women entrepreneurs having such a strong presence in Nigeria, it’s crucial that they have access to skills and training to support them in running successful businesses.  

The benefits of using the HerVenture app are many. I had quick and easy access to accounting tips at the palm of my hand...

Oluchi Madubuike, Founder of Muna and Luchi, and HerVenture user in Nigeria

The HerVenture mobile learning app is one of the Foundation’s five flagship programmes. The app supports women to start up and grow enterprises by offering essential business training and support on the go. It features nine learning tracks on a range of topics, including launching a business, accessing finance, expanding market access and e-commerce. In Nigeria, there is also a tenth learning track on mobile money. This support means that less women entrepreneurs will be limited to cash transactions, which are common in Nigeria, and will enable them to reach more customers through e-commerce.  

Many women entrepreneurs in Nigeria have extremely busy lives, often also carrying out hours of childcare, housework and other duties every day in addition to running their businesses. This makes the flexible, bite-sized nature of HerVenture’s training extremely valuable in ensuring women entrepreneurs can access support on their terms. 

So far, 28,000 women in Nigeria have used HerVenture and we’ve seen incredible results. In 2022:  

92% of users improved business performance

72% users improved business resilience

85% of users applied their new learning to their business

HerVenture: a business skills learning app

HerVenture is one of the Foundation's five flagship programmes, which also include Road to Growth, Road to Leadership, Road to Finance, and the Mentoring Women in Business programme. It provides women entrepreneurs of micro and small enterprises with the knowledge and skills to successfully grow their businesses.

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Our partners

HerVenture in Nigeria is supported by our partner the ExxonMobil Foundation, and delivered with our partner the Enterprise Development Centre.