Become a mentee referral partner

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Become a mentee referral partner

Our Mentoring Women in Business programme is intended to support women entrepreneurs in any low or middle income country in the world. In order to connect with these women and engage them as mentees, we work in partnership with a global network of in-country non-profit or social enterprise organisations working directly with women entrepreneurs.

We currently have over 50 local mentee referral partners across Africa, Asia, Central and South America and the Middle East, and are proud to work with such a diverse group of organisations.

These partners refer outstanding women entrepreneurs from their programmes to join us as mentees, providing a useful additional element to their own programming and a way to offer cross-border support to the women they are working with. For women entrepreneurs, it is a fantastic opportunity for holistic personal and professional development, as well as taking the next step in their entrepreneurial journey and joining a global community of passionate and accomplished businesspeople.

If your organisation is interested in joining us as a partner and connecting the women you support with our Mentoring programme, here are some useful guidelines on what we’re looking for in local mentee-nominating partners:

  • A non-profit organisation or social enterprise that has been in operation for at least one year
  • Strong track record of working directly with women entrepreneurs
  • Running programmes such as accelerators/incubators, training workshops, networking and professional development schemes, etc. where our Mentoring Programme would serve as an add-on to existing programmes and support women entrepreneurs who could benefit from cross-border mentoring and access to a global community
  • Willingness to identify and nominate candidates to apply for the programme who fit the programme’s specific criteria and without regard to other factors including but not limited to sexual orientation, marital or civil partner status, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, colour, ethnic or national origin, disability or age, pregnancy, maternity leave or trade union membership
  • Commitment to hit agreed targets by following up with nominees throughout the recruitment process to ensure application forms and online training are completed
  • Successful completion of application form, letter of agreement and partnership guidelines

If your organisation fits these requirements, please fill in our mentee referral partner application form, which you can find below. We review partner enquiries twice per year in May/June and November/December, and will be in touch with you then if we’d like to take the conversation forward.

Mentee referral partner application form

Application form for organisations interested in becoming mentee referral partners on our Mentoring Women in Business programme.

What is the legal status of your organisation(Required)

Do you offer any programmes/assistance to support women entrepreneurs gain access to capital (loans, grants, etc)?(Required)
We require mentees to have at least an intermediate level of English, so that they are able to comfortably converse with their mentor and build a beneficial relationship. Do the women entrepreneurs you work with have at least an intermediate level of English?(Required)
Do the women entrepreneurs you work with have consistent access to the internet (at least twice a week)?(Required)
Do you have a space where your nominees could access the internet and conduct meetings with their mentors, if needed?(Required)
Where did you hear about the Mentoring Women in Business programme?(Required)

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.