Our award winning mobile business skills app, reaching more than 80,000 women so far.

Fun and flexible, HerVenture fits learning into women’s busy lives. Our award-winning app offers women entrepreneurs essential business training and support on the go. It features a range of learning tracks on topics including launching a business, accessing finance, expanding market access, e-commerce and mobile money.

The app generates a personalised learning journey for each entrepreneur based on their individual business needs. Learning content is provided in bite-sized, easily digestible formats such as swipe-able cards and quizzes, and can be used offline. Users can find and connect with each other, as well as learn about local business events.

HerVenture's impact

90% of HerVenture users in 2022 improved their business knowledge.

80,000 women have grown their businesses through HerVenture

89% of users in 2022 improved their business management practices.

HerVenture is highly scalable and can be adapted to any geography or language. It is currently available for free on iOS and Android in Vietnam, Indonesia, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria and Guyana, with plans to expand further.

A history of HerVenture

2022: HerVenture wins a Mobile App award for Best Use of Mobile for Social and Economic Development

This award celebrates incredible mobile apps in Kenya. Nominations for app winners were submitted by the public via an online nomination portal. They were then vetted and published online for voting by the general public.

One in 50 Guyanese women use HerVenture

Our app is supporting one in 50 women in Guyana to start and build businesses

2022: New learning track on mobile money launches

HerVenture’s newest learning track on mobile money became available for users of the app in Guyana with more countries on the horizon.

2022: 65,000 women entrepreneurs supported

A major milestone: our app reaches 65,000 users

September 2021: HerVenture made available in Guyana!

The app aims to reach at least 3,000 women entrepreneurs in Guyana.

September 2021: HerVenture wins Digital Innovation of the Year Award

The app wins at the UK's prestigious Third Sector Awards

August 2021: New 'Business Resilience' learning track added to the app

The app's ninth learning track, available in South Africa, delves into essential topics like understanding personal and business resilience, diagnosing and dealing with the impact of crises, and designing strategies to deal with future crises.

June 2021: HerVenture launches in South Africa!

The app aims reach around 1,600 users.

September 2020: HerVenture wins the Empowerment of Women Gold Award

The award was won at the 2020 Global CSR Awards in Vietnam, in conjunction with our partner Qualcomm.

August 2020: we launch on iOS

Our app became available on iOS in addition to Android

July 2020: HerVenture available in Kenya!

In it's first year, the app aimed to be used by 1000 Kenyan women entrepreneurs.

January 2019: HerVenture is launched in Nigeria!

In this first year, HerVenture supports over 11,000 Nigerian women entrepreneurs. The app continues to support many tens of thousands of women entrepreneurs in Nigeria to this day.

November 2018: HerVenture app is launched in Indonesia!

From 2018-2019, HerVenture was delivered in Indonesia in collaboration with our local delivery partner ASPPUK, reaching over 1,400 women entrepreneurs. From 2020-2021, HerVenture remained in Indonesia as part of the WEAVE initiative.

May 2018: HerVenture is launched in Vietnam!

From 2018-2020, HerVenture was used by nearly 10,800 women entrepreneurs as part of the DevelopHer initiative, through which it launched.

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