Corporate and Institutional Partnerships

When we work together, we’re an unstoppable force for women’s economic empowerment.

The extraordinary support of our private sector partners, trusts, institutions, and foundations enables us to deliver projects that touch the lives of thousands of women entrepreneurs across the world.

Our approach

Partnership working is crucial to the success of our programmes.

We take pride in working closely with organisations to design bespoke projects that harness their expertise, fulfil their objectives, and realise their passion for women’s empowerment.

When you decide to partner with us, you take the first step to being an instrumental part of the campaign for women’s economic empowerment and gender equality.

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Only by working together can we make a difference to women entrepreneurs in low and middle-income countries.

If you share our vision for a world where women have equal opportunity to thrive, we invite you to consider becoming a partner. Send us a message to find out more.

The power of partnerships

A glimpse at what we can achieve by working together…

In 2021, we launched our business skills app HerVenture in South Africa, for the first time, bringing crucial entrepreneurial skills to some of South Africa’s most promising women entrepreneurs. Since then, the app has supported over 4,200 women entrepreneurs in South Africa.

The app’s success has been made possible thanks to the support of our partner DHL Express.

South Africa is the fifth country in which HerVenture has been launched, following the app’s roll-out in Kenya in summer 2020, which was also supported by DHL Express. So far, HerVenture in Kenya has supported more than 11,400  women entrepreneurs.

“What a great app where I can learn with no disruptions, easy to navigate & knowledge in my pocket. Learning at my fingertips made simple – powerful app.”

– A HerVenture user in South Africa

In 2020, 97% of women entrepreneurs surveyed in low- and middle-income countries told us that either their businesses had already been negatively impacted, or they believed they soon would be, as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Thankfully, PayPal recognised this staggering impact, and broadened the scope of its partnership with us on our online, cross-border Mentoring Women in Business programme. The company more than doubled its investment in the programme, contributing over 90 business experts from its workforce as mentors.

“At a time of real economic uncertainty we are delighted to be enhancing our partnership with the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women.”

– Julie Vennewitz-Pierce, Head of Philanthropic Programmes at PayPal

Qualcomm Wireless Reach has been collaborating with the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women since 2012.

Since 2018, the partnership has supported the roll-out of the HerVenture business skills app to women entrepreneurs in Vietnam, reaching more than 28,000 women entrepreneurs in the country.

“At Qualcomm, we believe that companies play a central role in ensuring women have access to business opportunities and helping achieve gender equality.”

– Angela Baker, Director of Corporate Responsibility at Qualcomm

Could your organisation be the next corporate partner of our Mentoring Women in Business programme?

A company is only as good as its people. Our global, online, cross-border Mentoring Women in Business programme brings enormous, lasting benefits to mentees and mentors alike – and their companies.

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