What we do

We support women entrepreneurs and collaborate for change.

We work towards a future where every woman and girl can enjoy equal economic opportunities so they can live to their full potential. We do that by removing the barriers women face to entrepreneurship.

Women entrepreneurs in low and middle income countries are held back by sexist laws, attitudes and practices. They face barriers to obtaining business skills, financial literacy and resources for success like access to finance, markets and networks.

To overcome these restrictions and create a gender-equal future for women entrepreneurs, we work in two interconnected ways.

Our programmes, delivered with women

Working with partners across the world we deliver on-the-ground and online programmes directly with women entrepreneurs.

Partners are experienced entrepreneurship experts operating in low or middle income countries. They are essential to our work and support us to adapt our programmes to relevant local contexts.

Our programmes are designed to address the specific barriers that women entrepreneurs face. They support women to build knowledge, skills, confidence, and access to resources through tried-and-tested training, mentoring and networking opportunities.


Where we work

We go where our unique approach has the most significant impact for women entrepreneurs. We consider the needs of the women entrepreneurs, the context and landscape in which they work, and our ability to make an impact on the growth of their businesses.

Since our inception in 2008, we’ve delivered training programmes in many low and middle income countries around the world, including in India, Indonesia, Kenya, Lebanon, Mexico, Nigeria, Palestine, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, and Vietnam.

We’re currently working on-the-ground with women entrepreneurs in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and Guyana, and delivering our online mentoring programme globally.


Research and advocacy

Fundamental changes must be made at a global level and across societies to dismantle the gendered barriers holding back women entrepreneurs. Our on-the-ground programmes are just one part of the solution, we must also work together to enact change for all women entrepreneurs.

Our research identifies key barriers that women in low and middle income countries face when it comes to starting, growing and sustaining businesses. We share our evidence to raise awareness and inform global and national policy making processes.

We amplify women entrepreneurs’ voices, advocating for policy and practice changes that will make the most difference to their businesses and lives.

We do this by partnering with others including international organisations and governments to better enable change.