Road to Growth

Road to Growth equips women entrepreneurs in low and middle income countries with business skills, financial literacy, networks and confidence so they can achieve business growth.

Across the world there is a vast gender gap in entrepreneurship that sees women entrepreneurs unfairly held back from successfully growing their businesses.

Women entrepreneurs have enormous potential to innovate, inspire and change the world. However, gendered barriers like stereotypes, discriminatory laws and practices, and inequalities in education and care work mean many women – especially in low and middle income countries – are held back from building the skills, knowledge, networks and confidence needed to achieve business growth.

We have developed our Road to Growth training programme to break through these barriers and support women entrepreneurs to succeed. The programme delivers business skills and financial literacy training, builds participants’ knowledge, confidence and networks, and guides them through the creation of a plan to achieve their ambitions for business growth over the following years.

Road to Growth's impact

100% of 2022 participants improved business management practices

4,300+ women entrepreneurs have strengthened their businesses through Road to Growth.

96% of 2022 participants grew their networks

Training is delivered over seven weeks, either online or face-to-face, with each week focusing on a different topic such as knowing your market, digital marketing, financial relationships, and confidence to meet growth goals. These sessions give women entrepreneurs:

  • Support to develop an operation and cost plan to inform their growth plan.
  • Knowledge in digital marketing and social media platforms and their use for business growth.
  • Profitability, cash health and asset analysis skills.
  • Skills in monitoring and improving cash flow.
  • Knowledge of different types of business financing.
  • An overview of business documentation, rights and responsibilities.
  • Knowledge on market analysis, business positioning and sales forecasting.
  • An understanding of how to balance business and family.
  • Opportunities to network with representatives from financial institutions.
  • Confidence, commitment and energy to put their growth plans into practice.
  • Lasting and highly beneficial alumni networks of “sisterpreneurs”.

Trainers provide participants with one-to-one support throughout and training is accompanied by interactive exercises, group discussions and inspirational guest talks.

Having the chance to be part of Road to Growth enabled me to realise my vision, potential, and meet like-minded amazing women achieving things for themselves.

Fernanda Alva, founder of a publishing company and Road to Growth alumna, Mexico

Road to Growth was launched in Nigeria in 2015. Since then, the programme has been adapted to respond to the evolving needs of women entrepreneurs across seven countries.

The programme is currently delivered in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and Guyana. It has previously been delivered in Mexico, Vietnam and Indonesia.

A history of Road to Growth

2022- Road to Growth comes to South Africa

Later in 2022, our programme will train women entrepreneurs in South Africa for the first time!

Autumn 2021: Road to Growth's fourth delivery in Nigeria

126 women joined our fourth R2G delivery in Nigeria, with 92% growing their networks

September 2021: Road to Growth comes to Guyana

26 women took part in R2G's first delivery in Guyana, with 100% of participants satisfied with the training

2021: First Road to Growth delivery in Kenya

145 women joined R2G's in Kenya to grow and strengthen their businesses

2021: Road to Growth is delivered in Vietnam and Indonesia for the first time

450 women entrepreneurs in Vietnam and Indonesia were selected to take part in Road to Growth as part of the WEAVE initiative.

2020-2021: Road to Growth delivered in Nigeria for the third time

250 women entrepreneurs in Nigeria were selected for our third Road to Growth programme, which was delivered as combined in-class and online learning training.

2019-2020: Road to Growth returns to Nigeria for second time

Our second Road to Growth programme was run as two separate versions. The first combined both in-class and online learning, for which 800 women entrepreneurs were selected. Over 500 women entrepreneurs were selected for the second version, delivered entirely online.

2019: Road to Growth delivered in Mexico for the second time

180 women entrepreneurs were selected to take part in our Second Road to Growth programme in Mexico.

2017-2018: Road to Growth delivered in Mexico for first time

500 women entrepreneurs were selected to take part in our first Road to Growth programme in Mexico.

2015-2016: Road to Growth piloted in Nigeria

500 women entrepreneurs were selected to take part in our first pilot of Road to Growth in Nigeria, which was initially run as a six-week intensive learning course, blending both in-class learning and online learning.

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