Road to Finance in Guyana

Our Road to Finance programme has piloted in Guyana in 2022 with the support of our partners.

With the support of our partners, the ExxonMobil Foundation and ActionINVEST Caribbean Inc., we piloted our Road to Finance programme in Guyana in 2022.

Women-owned small and medium sized enterprises in Guyana see financing as a major need to grow and sustain their businesses. In 2021, the four major Guyanese financial institutions reported that none of their lending schemes had been specifically designed for women’s needs. This, along with gender-stereotypes, can prevent women from accessing the finance they need to support their business.

Our Road to Finance programme supports ambitious women in Guyana to build their skills and confidence in order to successfully secure finance, grow their businesses and achieve their potential. Through four weeks, with additional self-paced learning online, women can access step by step guidance on how to get the finance they need for their businesses.

So far, 78 Guyanese women entrepreneurs have participated in the programme, with 62% of participants reporting that the training helped them to apply for a loan or investment after the programme.

Road to Finance

Road to Finance is one of the Foundation's five flagship programmes, which also include Road to Leadership, Road to Growth, HerVenture and the Mentoring Women in Business programme. The programme was piloted in Guyana and Nigeria in 2022.

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Our partners

Road to Finance in Guyana is supported by our partner the ExxonMobil Foundation, and delivered with our partner ActionInvest Caribbean Inc.