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Asilia used our HerVenture app in Kenya in 2020.


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People wonder how I been able to stay open even when sales have been down…

Asilia* owns a grocery shop in Nairobi, Kenya. In 2020, as the global pandemic hit, we brought our flagship business skills training app HerVenture to women entrepreneurs in Kenya, thanks to support from our partner DHL Express. Asilia is one of the 1,100 Kenyan women who took the opportunity to make use of the app and strengthen her business against COVID-19’s impacts…

“I have been in this business for three years, and I sell things like cereals, flour, milk, soda, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, onions. Before I had this shop, I used to sell items along the street as a hawker.

Since I started this business, my life has changed. I’m able to put food on the table thanks to it, but it’s been hard during COVID. My husband has lost his job, and it’s not as well stocked in my shop as it was before.

I have learned how to improve my business though the HerVenture app, for example I now buy goods from the rural areas for a cheaper price, and I have established a network, something I did not think of doing before.

The thing I’m the proudest of is my cereal stock, it attracts a lot of my customers.

Asilia Nduku, HerVenture user in Kenya serves a customer at her grocery shop.

The HerVenture app was introduced to me by a person named Dennis, he was going around and registering people for the app, and I also introduced a few other people to the app.

People wonder how I been able to stay open even when sales have been down, I only have one person employed. Before the schools closed, many students came after school to buy sodas but not anymore.

But with the app I feel that I can continue doing business, even during COVID. Before I knew about the app, business was slow, but I have been able to sell more by learning how to manage my business, for example I have more items now, instead of just cereals.

If someone would ask me for business advice, I would tell them about the app and how it works. I have a friend who started selling tomatoes, and now she has two small businesses [since I introduced her to HerVenture].”

*Asilia is not her real name.

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