100,000 Women Campaign

Changing the lives of 100,000 more women

From 2020 to 2022, we’re directly supporting 100,000 more women in low and middle-income countries to start and grow successful businesses.

The 100,000 Women Campaign calls on companies, business leaders and philanthropists everywhere to take action to close the global gender gap in entrepreneurship.

By empowering and equipping thousands of women with the skills, resources, and networks they need to participate equally as entrepreneurs – we can create a better, balanced and more prosperous world.

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In every country in the world, women earn less than men. Plus, they are more likely than men to own micro, vulnerable or informal businesses.

Women are less likely than men to have access to assets, property, and finance services.

Women are regularly held back by discriminatory laws, and in countless countries, face gender stereotypes and sexism in every part of their lives.

Women are more likely to take on the burden of unpaid work – even more so now, during the pandemic.

These are just some of the barriers all women entrepreneurs face, intensified in low and middle income countries.

We cannot and will not let this continue.

In January 2021, our progress was:

100+ countries reached

40,000 women entrepreneurs supported since the start of the campaign

£2.3 million raised in support of the campaign

The future

Together with our global partners, we will support women in low and middle income countries to overcome the barriers to entrepreneurship.

Through our programmes, we offer skills, knowledge, and an empowered network of women who share our vision with our training and mentoring programmes.

We open doors to financing, new markets, and mentoring so women entrepreneurs can excel.

We use technology to create accessible programmes that women can access in ways that suit them.

We help women connect with one another, develop their business skills, and improve their financial literacy.

We know that together we are an unstoppable force for women’s empowerment. And together, we will create the change required to stop women entrepreneurs from being held back.

If women had equal opportunities to entrepreneurship, global GDP could rise by $5 trillion.

Get involved

Be part of this global movement and help us increase our impact by:

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  • becoming a corporate or institutional partner,
  • joining our Global Campaign Board—convened by Cherie Blair CBE QC—an incredible network of visionary leaders who are collaborating to help raise funds, expand our reach and achieve our goal.


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