Road to Leadership in Nigeria

Our Road to Leadership training supports women entrepreneurs in Nigeria to thrive as leaders.

With the support of our partners, the ExxonMobil Foundation and Enterprise Development Centre, we piloted our Road to Leadership programme in Nigeria in 2021.

Around 30 women entrepreneurs in Nigeria have participated in Road to Leadership so far. Participants in the programme are guided through the leadership, communication and advocacy basics needed to grow as powerful changemakers through three online sessions. The training supports them to better lead and influence within their companies, with their stakeholders and beyond.

In its first year, 100% of Road to Leadership participants inNigeria rated the training as ‘excellent’. 

Before this training, I thought advocacy is something big, something out there that I couldn’t do. I know that I can do advocacy in my own community.

A Road to Leadership training participant in Nigeria

Road to Leadership: an introduction to leadership and influencing

Our Road to Leadership training supports women entrepreneurs to build the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to thrive as leaders and understand how to influence change.

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Our partners

Road to Leadership in Nigeria is supported by our partner the ExxonMobil Foundation, and delivered with our partner at the Enterprise Development Centre.

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