Webinar: Supporting Women Entrepreneurs in the New Digital Economy

Together with CW (Cambridge Wireless), supported by Synergy Solutions, we present an exclusive webinar with speakers from Facebook, World Bank, UN Global Compact and Qualcomm, looking at how women entrepreneurs in low and middle income countries can be supported, through digital technology, to rebuild their businesses post-pandemic.

COVID-19 is radically changing the way we live and work. In order to mitigate its disproportionately severe impacts on women entrepreneurs in low and middle income countries, we must ensure that how we adapt the way we do business and move from global economic crisis to recovery is gender-sensitive. The digital world, into which the global crisis has seen us pushed, presents an exciting opportunity to reach, equip and empower women so that they can support themselves and their families, and play a full and equal part in rebuilding our communities, industries and economies.

Our webinar brings business, government and development leaders together to champion women entrepreneurs and to take a practical look at how we can provide them with the right tools and services to thrive in the future digital economy. Some of the areas explored include:

  • The most effective models for supporting women led businesses to operate successfully within the new digital landscape following COVID-19
  • Specific activities that corporates can put in place to support women entrepreneurs create sustainable, resilient business and protect themselves, in the face of a rapidly changing environment
  • UN Sustainability Development Goals and resources available to enable corporates to better support women entrepreneurs both within and outside of their supply chain

Lead speakers, sharing valuable and exclusive insights and expertise, are Cherie Blair CBE QC, Founder, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women; Olu Orugboh, CEO and Founder, Synergy Solutions and CW Board Member; Wendy Teleki, Head of We-Fi, World Bank; Sanda Ojiambo, incoming CEO, UN Global Compact; Nicola Mendelsohn CBE, VP EMEA, Facebook; and Angela Baker, Director of Corporate Responsibility, Qualcomm Wireless Reach.

Take part in conversation around the topics discussed by sharing your insights over social media using the hashtag #WEdigi2020. We’ll be collating and sharing responses and extended discussions through our own networks.

This expands our existing collaborative work with CW to support women entrepreneurs in low and middle income countries through COVID-19. We recently came together with Synergy Solutions and King’s College London to launch a new, free, online programme of professional support focussed on business resilience training.