HerVenture in Indonesia

Our free business skills app HerVenture has supported over 5,000 women entrepreneurs in Indonesia to grow their businesses.

HerVenture is one of the Foundation’s five flagship programmes. The business skills mobile learning app provides women entrepreneurs of micro and small enterprises with the knowledge and skills to successfully grow their businesses. Available in a range of low and middle income countries, it has reached over 5,000 women in Indonesia alone.

The app offers essential business training and support on the go. It features a range of learning tracks on topics including launching a business, accessing finance, expanding market access and e-commerce. In Indonesia, the app is available in Bahasa Indonesia.

Our HerVenture app in Indonesia has been available since 2018. From its launch to 2019 it was delivered in collaboration with local delivery partner ASPPUK, reaching over 1,400 women entrepreneurs.

From May 2020 to November 2021 HerVenture in Indonesia formed part of our WEAVE project in partnership with USAID as well as Qualcomm® Wireless Reach™. WEAVE brought together HerVenture with our Road to Growth and Mentoring Women in Business programmes, delivered by local partner Kinara Indonesia and running alongside each other as one three-stage learning journey. Combining mobile and online learning, WEAVE brought entrepreneurship skills to over 12,000 women in Vietnam and Indonesia.

HerVenture remains available for women entrepreneurs in Indonesia to download and use for free for now. Following the end of the WEAVE project, we are seeking funding to keep the app available and updated in Indonesia in the future. Please get in touch with us if partnering with us to fund this important project is of interest to your company.

For more information about the history of the the app, please take a look at our HerVenture programme page.

HerVenture's impact in Indonesia

69% of users reported that the app helped them implement new methods for their business

62% of users reported that their business revenue had increased since using the app

82% of users reported the app had made a positive difference to their confidence in running a business

HerVenture: a business skills learning app

HerVenture is one of the Foundation's five flagship programmes, which also include Road to Growth, Road to Leadership, Road to Finance, and the Mentoring Women in Business programme. It provides women entrepreneurs of micro and small enterprises with the knowledge and skills to successfully grow their businesses.

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Our partners

HerVenture in Indonesia is supported by our partners USAID and Qualcomm Wireless Reach, and delivered with our partner Kinara (Indonesia).