Donate to our scholarship fund

Contribute to our newly-created Scholarship Fund so that more women entrepreneurs can participate as mentors and mentees.

Scholarship Fund

Our world-class, gold-accredited Mentoring Women in Business programme pairs businesspeople all over the world as professional mentors to women entrepreneur mentees in low and middle income countries. These one-on-one, online relationships bring fantastic growth, success and impact.

The incredible personal and professional benefits that being a mentor brings someone have never been clearer—likewise the positive effects this has on the mentor’s own company. Where the women entrepreneurs we work with are concerned, we recognise the great value that being a mentor can hold as a next step in their own journeys of breaking through barriers to start, grow and sustain successful businesses.

Donate now

It costs £1,100 for each mentor-mentee pair’s year-long journey. This covers developing training and learning resources and events, providing strong support from our team, and running our brilliant mentoring platform. Traditionally these costs are covered by mentors’ companies: our corporate partners. However, this opportunity is too important to not also provide it to the women entrepreneurs we work with in order to continue their professional development. That’s why we have created our Scholarship Fund—and why it needs your support.

Your donation will support two women entrepreneurs in low or middle income countries to have this life-changing experience: one as a mentor, and one as her mentee. They’ll combine their strengths and talents to make inimitable strides together, gaining valuable knowledge and developing their skills.

In this way, you’ll be helping break through the barriers that hold women entrepreneurs worldwide back from success and equality, so that they can create a better future for themselves, their families, their societies and the world.

Be a business hero

Our remote, virtual Mentoring Women in Business model stands as a bold example of how women business owners can be supported during the current crisis, and how supporting women entrepreneurs can be centred in a post-pandemic economic re-build. You can also become a mentor and be part of this fantastic impact!