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Take your business to the next level with your own dedicated professional mentor.

Our flagship Mentoring Women in Business programme matches women entrepreneurs in low and middle income countries with experienced, dedicated professional mentors anywhere in the world. For one year, you will be paired with a mentor who will help you achieve your business goals, and build your wealth, stability and security.

You could find yourself being mentored by a knowledgeable, friendly professional from anywhere in the world and any sector, from a director of a major global corporation to a fellow successful woman entrepreneur. Their support will help improve your business performance and skills, boost your confidence and take your business to the next level. You can read all about the programme here!


Applications are currently closed, but you can register your interest for future cohorts by using the form below.

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Odunayo Anyibuofu speaks to her mentor Mireille Wehbe Hayek via video call

Of our 2023 graduating mentees...

99% gained skills

98% progressed towards their own business objectives

97% were able to apply improved business management practices

93% improved one or more business outcomes during the programme (revenue, profit, number of employees, number of customers and/or savings)

Through collaborating with a mentor, we also see women entrepreneurs regularly create jobs and opportunities in their communities, and become pioneering leaders, change-makers and role models.

I was able to settle my business and redesign it. The support from my mentor was always present. Now I have a business I can rely on and feel confident about being able to make a living from it and being independent.

Patricia Arreola, Owner, Espacio Bienestar, Mexico

Together we are unstoppable: that’s why our Mentoring Women in Business programme has transformed the lives of thousands of women entrepreneurs since 2010.

We achieve, create, and succeed when we collaborate. Mentees say they love working with a mentor through our programme because they…

  • Increase their business profits or improve their communication skills
  • Determine their own goals and work towards these with support
  • Improve their self confidence
  • Gain skills in business planning and strategy expertise
  • Grow their professional networks
  • Enhance their businesses, going on to be better off and to achieve their dreams

In addition to the benefits of a mentoring relationship, participants who successfully complete the programme receive a certificate from Cherie Blair CBE KC, access to useful resources and our online community and more.

Mentees must be…

  • A woman from and living in a low or middle income country
  • Running their own business (meaning at least 51% ownership or decision-making authority) or about to launch their own business in the next three months
  • Proficient in English (at an intermediate level or above), both written and spoken
  • Able to commit to the programme for twelve months
  • Able to access the internet and meet with their mentor online for a minimum of two hours a month
  • Able to complete several feedback questionnaires by the stated deadline
  • Willing to work with a mentor to build their business and personal development skills and confidence
  • Nominated by one of our local mentee referral partners where possible

Mentees are expected to…

  • Meet online with their mentor for two hours minimum per month, for a year
  • Be proactive in driving the mentoring relationship and setting its direction
  • Participate in around 1.5 hours of pre-matching training
  • Complete interim and end-of-programme surveys
  • Develop and submit goals to be worked on with their mentor
  • Adhere to our Mentoring Women in Business programme Code of Conduct

We run two mentoring cohorts a year in May and November. Applications open in March for May’s cohort and in September for November’s.

How to apply

There are two ways to join the programme as a mentee:

  • As an affiliate of one of our mentee referral partners in your local country (strongly recommended) – find a partner here.
  • As an independent mentee, if there are no organisations with whom you can be affiliated. (Please note if you are not affiliated with one of our mentee referral partners, we will not be able to prioritise your application.)

If you meet the selection criteria and are not applying within our application window, please fill out the form above to express your interest in becoming a mentee, and we will be back in touch when we are next accepting applications to join the programme to ask you to apply.

Once our application window is open, the next step is to complete the online application form, which takes around 20 minutes.

Your application answers help us get to know you and find you a mentor who is the best fit for your interests, background, needs and goals.

During our application window, we aim to process and respond to applications within seven working days.

If you have any technical issues at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please download and read the following before applying: