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Over 2020, 2021 and 2022, we’re directly supporting 100,000 more women in low and middle income countries to start & grow successful businesses.

All over the world women earn less than men and are more likely to own micro, vulnerable and informal businesses. Women are less likely to have access to assets, property and financial services. They are held back by discriminatory laws in almost all countries, face negative gender stereotypes in all areas of life, and are far more likely to shoulder the burden of unpaid work—even more so now, during the pandemic. This not only restricts economic opportunities and livelihoods for families around the world, it means half the world’s population being denied basic human rights. We’re not going to let this continue.

With our partners around the world, we help women in low and middle income countries break through the barriers to entrepreneurship. Through training and mentoring we offer skills, knowledge and guidance. We open doors to finance, markets and networks. We use technology to reach more women, in a way that suits them, to help women connect and increase their business skills, confidence and financial literacy. And together we press for change to stop women entrepreneurs being held back.

Our vision for a better future

By January 2020, the Foundation had directly supported over 160,000 women business owners across more than 100 low and middle income countries. Then, we began advancing towards a new goal: to reach 100,000 more women in just three years, doing so by raising £10 million and working through a global network of partners and allies. The 100,000 Women Campaign was born.

It calls on companies, business leaders and philanthropists everywhere to support us to tackle the global gender gap by empowering and equipping thousands of women with the skills, resources and networks they need to participate equally as entrepreneurs.

Download our brochure on the left to read all about the Campaign’s first year, our ambitions for year 2, and beyond!

The ripple effect

In 2020, the first year of the Campaign, we supported over 24,000 women. However, the impact doesn’t stop there. Advancing women’s entrepreneurship is a smart, sustainable investment that benefits us all. It has an incredible impact on the women themselves, their families and their communities, and helps push towards global gender equality and the full realisation of women’s human rights.

It also creates huge global benefit: our research shows that if women had equal opportunities to be entrepreneurs, global GDP could rise by $5 trillion. Now, due to the worldwide pandemic, that need is felt more strongly than ever.

You can be part of this huge impact: join our 100,000 Women Campaign today!

The world has never been more turbulent, but our services have never been more needed, and the momentum of our work is only building. In 2021, we’re targeting Vietnam, Indonesia, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and Guyana with our Entrepreneurship programmes, and continuing to deliver our newly-redeveloped Mentoring programme to every low or middle income country, aiming to reach at least 35,000 women. Next year, this number increases to over 40,000. Our target is an ambitious one, but wholly achievable with support, influence, partnerships and donations.

That’s where you come in. You or your company can be part of this incredible impact by making a vital gift to the Campaign, becoming a corporate or institutional partner, or even joining our Global Campaign Board—convened by Cherie Blair CBE QC—an incredible network of visionary leaders who are collaborating to help raise funds, expand our reach and achieve our goal.

Join our many supporters, like Hillary Clinton, Fade Ogunro, Olivia Colman, Indra Nooyi, Sheryl Sandberg, June Sarpong and Ozwald Boateng, and partners like PayPal, Bank of America, Salesforce and USAID, and help us close the gender gap in entrepreneurship and empower women all over the world! Get in touch with us today.

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