Empowering women in Guyana: One in 25 use our HerVenture app!

Over 10,000 women in Guyana are using our business skills app to start and build enterprises.

We are thrilled to share that our award-winning mobile app, HerVenture, has now reached over 10,000 women in Guyana, meaning more than one in 25 women in the country is a user! This promises strong progress for women in Guyana’s business ecosystem.

HerVenture is designed to support women to start, sustain and grow successful businesses by building their knowledge, skills and confidence. Our app has gained fantastic traction since its launch in Guyana in 2021.

88% of users in Guyana apply their new learning to their business and 91% improve business performance thanks to the app, meaning HerVenture has provided a boost to thousands of businesses across the country. This fantastic impact is thanks to partners ActionINVEST Caribbean Inc., GTT, mmg and ExxonMobil Foundation, as well as support from Guyana’s Ministry of Human Services.

The HerVenture app has been an invaluable resource in the transition to being an entrepreneur. I am now in a better position to juggle my responsibilities as a businesswoman and medical doctor.

Dr. Ayesha Wilburg, Medical Director and the CEO of Health Care International, and HerVenture user, Guyana

Our founder Cherie Blair CBE KC, shares that “it’s heartening to witness the growing number of women who are taking charge of their entrepreneurial journeys and driving forward women’s empowerment in Guyana.

Dr. Vishnu Doerga, Chair of ActionINVEST Caribbean Inc., notes the “profound impact on thousands of women entrepreneurs in Guyana” he’s seen, and that “this sustained collaboration continues to unlock potential, foster growth, and drive a wave of prosperity and innovation throughout our nation.

Bobita Ram, General Manager at Mobile Money Guyana (mmg), highlights that “empowering women is not just a mission; it’s a movement”. She says that “every woman should be given the tools to succeed“, for example training in using fintech to support business growth – put into action by mmg through their contributions to the development of HerVenture’s learning track on mobile money.

As the app continues to gain traction, HerVenture is not only poised to drive substantial economic growth but also help narrow the gender gap in business ownership and empower women to reach their full potential.

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Work with us to bring HerVenture to more countries

HerVenture is highly scalable and can be adapted to any geography or language. Through new partnerships with corporates and institutions, we're looking to bring HerVenture to more countries and support thousands more women entrepreneurs.