Mentee application and selection process


We select and match women entrepreneurs and Mentors from around the world two times each year – in May and November. Our selection criteria ensure you’re able to thrive in the programme, but the key really is in the commitment.

Please take some time to review our application criteria – Mentees must be:

  • A woman from and living in a low- or middle-income country.
  • Running their own business (meaning at least 51% ownership or decision-making authority) or about to launch their own business in the next three months.
  • Proficient in English (at an intermediate level or above), both written and oral.
  • Nominated by one of our local referral partners.
  • Able to commit to the programme for twelve months.
  • Able to access the internet and meet with their Mentor online for a minimum of two hours a month.
  • Able to complete several feedback questionnaires by the stated deadline.
  • Willing to work with a Mentor to build their business and personal development skills and confidence.
  • Willing and able to abide with our Code of Conduct.

To successfully participate on and graduate from the Programme, mentees are expected to adhere to the following commitments:

  • Meet with their Mentor for the minimum amount of meeting time per phase:
    • Phase 1 (1 month): Two one-hour meeting (at least once in the first 2 weeks).
    • Phase 2 (2 months): Two hours per month (four hours in total).
    • Phase 3 (8 month): Two hours per month (16 hours in total).
    • Phase 4 (1 month): One two-hour meeting.
  • Reach out to their Mentor to schedule the first meeting and be pro-active in scheduling subsequent meetings.
  • Drive the relationship by setting agendas for each meeting and detailing what they want to work on during mentoring programme.
  • Complete feedback surveys, which will be shared at several points during the programme, by the stated deadline.
  • Complete the end of programme survey by the stated deadline.
  • Submit SMART goals to be worked on with their Mentor by the end of phase 2 (detailed information about how to develop SMART goals will be shared).
  • Complete Progression and Revision exercise to reflect on SMART goals by month 7
  • Respond in a timely manner to communications from the Mentoring Team in which a reply is requested.
  • Continue to adhere to our Code of Conduct.
  • Optional: submit meeting notes to reflect on topics discussed and tasks agreed.

Completing the online application

If you meet the selection criteria above the next step is to complete the online application. 

Your application answers helps us get to know you and find you a Mentor who is a great fit with your interests, background and goal. To ensure the Foundation can find your best Mentor match, we strongly encourage you to take time to add as much information about your business and professional aspirations as possible.

We typically accept applications from women who have been nominated by our local partners. If you aren’t currently associated with one of our partners and would like to join us in a future intake, please contact them directly to find out how you can get involved in their projects.

Applications for the November 2020 intake have now closed. Please check this webpage again in early 2021, when we open applications for the May 2021 round. You will then be able to find the link to the application form here.

Online training and interview with a team member

If selected, you’ll be invited to participate in an online training course. It takes 2.5 hours to complete and can be done in multiple sittings.

The training  ensures you are able to start the programme with the knowledge and tools you need to build a productive mentoring relationship and use our online platform. 

If you pass the training test successfully, you’ll have a call with one of our team members. During this call, we check that you understand the programme requirements and your responsibilities, as well as confirming your level of English. This call, which will last up to 15 minutes, is a required step in the recruitment process. 


We match Mentees and Mentors based on the needs expressed by the Mentees, and the interests and expertise of the Mentors. We take special care in getting to know our participants and use a special matching algorithm built with Google to assess compatibility. We check every potential match to make sure a pair gets off to a good start. 

Getting started

Once you have been matched, you’ll receive information on your Mentor and can  begin your year-long mentoring relationship! You will meet with your Mentor online using video calling platforms such as Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp Video Calling or other online tools.

We’ll invite you to participate in a welcome webinar, which will provide you with important information regarding your mentoring year.  You can read more about the mentoring year under the ‘What to Expect’-tab of this page

Our team will offer dedicated support and provide tools and resources throughout the year to help you build a fruitful mentoring relationship. The programme requires Mentees to complete Check-In questionnaires at four intervals during the program, providing an update on their progress.  At the end of the 12-month programme, the Foundation will ask you to complete an end of programme survey to capture key learnings and outcomes from the year, which will enable you to officially graduate from the programme. 

“My Mentor’s support has been key to my evolution as an entrepreneur and to transform the way I run my business. I’m now looking for clients in a new country and expand my business, something that has only been possible thanks to the Mentoring programme.”
          – Mentee from Guatemala who runs a virtual reality company

Frequently asked questions

Check out our FAQ page for tips and steps to easily address any technical questions you might have. The page also provides answers to common questions about mentoring relationships and the programme.  If you have any questions that aren’t answered there, please contact us.

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