Stories from women entrepreneurs in the West Bank

Amal, Huweida, Jameela and Manal took part in the Advancing Palestinian Women Entrepreneurs programme in 2016.





The challenges facing Palestinian women entrepreneurs are significant. Entrepreneurship among women has stagnated in recent years while Palestinian women’s engagement in the labour market is among the lowest in the world. Women struggle to access the training, markets and capital they need to build strong thriving enterprises, while socio-cultural expectations and ongoing security issues means that many are unable to achieve economic independence.

In partnership with Tomorrow’s Youth Organisation and the Near East Foundation and thanks to support from the Trafigura Foundation and Oak Foundation, our Advancing Palestinian Women Entrepreneurs project has helped hundreds of women in the West Bank navigate these challenges and turn their business aspirations into reality.

This short video features the inspiring stories of Amal, Huweida, Jameela and Manal, who are redefining what’s possible for women in their communities.


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Advancing Palestinian Women Entrepreneurs supported women in Palestine from 2014-2017.

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