Marisol’s story

Marisol took part in our Road to Growth programme in Mexico from 2019-2020.





Marisol, who took part in the Foundation’s Road to Growth programme in Mexico, is a film producer. In this blog, she reflects how the Road to Growth programme supported her to develop her business’ direction.


My name is Marisol and I’m a film producer.

Before I set up my business, I worked for a large organisation, which was really interesting, but I had to do things the way the company wanted me to do it and I wanted to do things differently.

I connected with Road to Growth because there was no direction in the business at the time – I needed to do something; we needed a vision.

I started the programme in a group with other women who had all different kinds of businesses and we started to review the problems we had together, like financial issues and learning how to focus.

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It taught me how to approach people and how to talk to them. Meeting these women gave me a network so I could hear different perspectives on my business and my problems – that was invaluable  – I heard opinions that I never would have otherwise! I started to open my eyes and ears and perfected my pitch, products and services. For me that was the most useful part of the programme as well as the knowledge about administration and finance.

We’ve started to make changes in the business. We’ve got less expenses, altered our image and are rebuilding our website. My perspective is different, we are a serious company and we are growing up. We’ve started to look out of Mexico to associate with other companies internationally.

Cherie Blair was very inspiring, she inspired me to take that leap and think ‘I can do that!’

We want to tell stories about the communities in the middle of Chiapas – we want the world to see the beauty of the people in our communities and the good side of Mexico. Road to Growth let me see that I needed to focus on projects like this.

I also have a different perspective on how to raise my kid – I want to pass to him the confidence that he can do whatever he wants to do and become whoever he wants to become if he has the confidence to do it.

The programme changed my life because my business is part of me. If the business changes, then I change, if the business evolves and grows then I am growing with the business.

I enjoyed being part of this and part of the community with all these fantastic women. I’m so grateful to take this opportunity to meet all these people – I think I’m very lucky.