Nida’s story

Nida Hamid runs an event management company in Malaysia and was a mentee on the Mentoring Women in Business programme. Her mentor was Rawan Tarazi, a commercial and financial manager from Palestine. They were matched together in June 2012. Here, Nida recounts her experience throughout their mentoring relationship and a recent webinar that she attended with Karren Brady.




Malaysia and Palestine

Through this programme, I built my confidence and learnt to have an open mind and be resourceful.

Nida Hamid, event management company founder, and mentee

Not too long ago, I was chosen to be part of the Mentoring Women in Business Programme. Time seems to have gone by so fast and my year of mentoring is nearly complete.

From the very beginning, when I was matched with my mentor, Rawan Tarazi, there was an amazing connection between us. She seemed to be calm and level headed, listening to all my progress from week to week. Her suggestions for solutions, opinions and support are never ending.

Although my main goal was to be able to make my business profitable, I accomplished something bigger than that. Through this programme, I built my confidence and learnt to have an open mind and be resourceful. I even enhanced my knowledge in the costing and forecasting for business. Through the sharing of knowledge between not only me, but amongst all other mentees through the online mentoring forum, I learnt the significance of networking and the power of social media.

This is true especially being in the event industry. I have had my little event management company for the past eight years, handling private and government-related events – both local and international. Business was booming but what I failed to see was the importance of having proper business planning and forecasting. Well-structured business processes are essential especially when the company is expanding. When the 2008 economic crisis came in, the event industry felt the pinch as most organisations tried to cut the cost in organising or participating in big events.

In this programme we are blessed to have webinars from various successful entrepreneurs and leaders to share their experience in becoming a successful individual. Mentees and even mentors from all around the world are connected and exchange questions with the presenter.

The most recent webinar that I have attended was by Karren Brady, a successful businesswoman and author. She told us that believing in yourself and not doubting your own strength will bring you further in the business world. She advised us not to forget to help other women entrepreneurs for there might be future business opportunities in which you might want to work together. These are some of her comments which I felt were very simple yet impactful.

As my year comes to a close and I look back at what I have learned through the programme and from my mentor, the main things that comes to mind is courage, optimism and procrastinating less. It is my hope that other women can continue to benefit from the programme and I hope I too can become a mentor someday.

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