Alana’s story: creating a future with less waste

Alana's zero waste store is paving the way for eco-friendly business in Guyana.





Alana is the owner of JARS, Guyana’s only zero waste store. After participating in our very first round of Road to Growth in Guyana, she has strengthened her business skills and has already begun implementing what she learned. Here, Alana shares her experience.

My name is Alana Bunbury Walton. I’m the owner of JARS zero waste store. I think we’re the only eco-friendly store in Guyana. We do refills on almost any product. You can refill health foods, you can refill oils, you can refill detergents.

Our aim and our mission is to reduce significantly the amount of plastic waste that’s in our society.

Why join Road to Growth?

I mean why wouldn’t I? It’s a chance for women in business to advance, to elevate themselves. It’s an opportunity for women in business to collaborate, to network. So when I first read it, I was so excited to apply.

I wanted my business to grow. I felt like I was in a place where, being new to Guyana, a lot of persons didn’t understand what we were doing, so the support wasn’t as amazing as I would have wanted it to be in the beginning. When I read what Road to Growth was about, I excitedly applied for the programme.

I thought I knew what I was doing when I started the business, but attending the first session of Road to Growth, I realised I knew nothing about running a business. It was so different. I mean, some of the things, yes we were doing, but to understand that there was a formal structure to everything to run a business, that was amazing for me to learn.

I expect to see my business growing out of control.

I expect to see my business growing out of control. Already we are doing so much that I wasn’t doing before. My intent is to continue learning how to run a business, to promote the business and to collaborate with other businesses that are like minded, that are eco-friendly. We look for opportunities to bring and offer products that are going to help to beautify Guyana and help us to be health conscious.

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