Webinar & Video Library

We've made public a series of training and support webinars and videos from our Mentoring programme. Browse these webinars now to level up your entrepreneurship skills.

All businesses need to have measures in place to define, monitor and mitigate risks, especially during a crisis such as the pandemic. It is important for entrepreneurs to reflect on these risks regularly and find ways to manage them.

Adapting operations to include different activities reduces the pressure on standard income generators and makes you more resilient during a crisis. Our speaker runs us through doing a SWOT analysis to look at the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats with the purpose to create multiple income streams and strengthen your business.

The key to successful social media presence is reflecting on audience needs, behaviours and consumption, which during the pandemic changed drastically. Our speaker discusses how to do this research and what comes next: pushing sales is not enough – you need to create consumer allegiance.

A simple, easy-to-understand introduction to writing business plans.

Sometimes entrepreneurs need to adapt their business plans. In this webinar the “Three S” model is introduced: Sustainability, Solvability and Scalability. By adding these to the Business Model Canvas and examining how they are impacted by a crisis, you can adapt your business plan where necessary and keep your business afloat.

This webinar focuses on the necessary steps to building a strong online brand, which begin with developing a mission statement and researching your consumers’ habits. Spend time building your online presentation and networking skills. Ultimately, remember that your brand is unique to you!

From speaking to women entrepreneurs in our programmes we know that for many there is an increasing need to do businesses online and harness social media marketing. These tips will support your efforts.

This video is about how to manage your cash flow and plan for different eventualities.

A series of useful tips on how to write a solid marketing plan for your business.

One of the biggest needs for women entrepreneurs is access to financing, the provision of which unfortunately very often favours men. Knowing your business is a vital first step towards pitching to banks and investors, and so we are hoping these tips will support crucial efforts to secure funding.

This video contains tips on understanding the different financing options available to you, in order to support your efforts to secure funding.

Here’s how to make the perfect pitch to secure finance for your business!