With our support, women discover the ripple effect of being an entrepreneur.

Our Work

The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women helps release the potential of women entrepreneurs in low and middle income countries, and close the global gender gap in entrepreneurship.

Since the Foundation’s inception in 2008, it has directly supported over 175,000 women across more than 100 countries.

Through its combined approach of programmatic delivery and advocacy, the Foundation supports women to start and grow successful micro, small and medium businesses, with training, technology, mentoring and networking at the heart of its work. This opens doors to finance, markets, contacts and more, and empowers women to create better futures for themselves and their families, enable their communities to prosper, contribute to strong economies, and move the world in a whole new direction.

When women entrepreneurs have the support and opportunities to thrive, the future is transformed.


For every woman who has discovered the power of being an entrepreneur, so many more are held back. They are denied the knowledge, skills and self-belief an entrepreneur needs. They are doubted by those around them. They can’t access the credit or resources a business depends on to succeed.

If women had the same opportunities to be entrepreneurs as men, global GDP could rise by up to $5 trillion.

Our role is to help women break through those barriers. With our partners around the world, we offer training, mentoring and knowledge. We open doors to finance, markets, contacts and networks. We use technology to help women connect, learn and push boundaries. We press for change to stop women entrepreneurs being held back.


Working with us, women entrepreneurs change lives, minds and the world around us. We see their unstoppable impact every day – and we stop at nothing to help it grow.

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