Together we are unstoppable

We empower women all over the world to start, sustain and grow successful businesses, so they can live to their full potential. Together, we are unstoppable.

Our impact

We work with partners to eliminate barriers to entrepreneurship for women, enabling global economic gender justice.

230,000+ women supported to start and grow successful businesses

100+ countries reached through our programmes

Millions of lives touched through the ripple effect of women entrepreneurs' success on others

How we create change

To overcome the restrictions women entrepreneurs face and create a gender-equal future, we work in two interconnected ways: through our programmes and through our global research and advocacy.



Our programmes are delivered across the world through our network of partners, harnessing the power of tech and adapted in each iteration for the local context.

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Pressing for Change

With women entrepreneurs, we’re influencing change to close the gender gap in entrepreneurship.

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