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After a successful six months, and over 1,000 downloads in Vietnam, the HerVenture app has been launched in Indonesia!

HerVenture is an innovative technology solution to support women entrepreneurs to strengthen their businesses. Initially launched in Vietnam with the support of Qualcomm® Wireless Reach™, we are rolling HerVenture out to Indonesia thanks to the support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, the Happel Foundation, the Swedish Postcode Foundation and the Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust.

In celebration of launching the app in a second country, this article explores all the ways it can support women entrepreneurs.

HerVenture gives practical guidance through access to essential business training, quick tips and support that is ‘on the go’. Our Founder, Cherie Blair, describes HerVenture as ‘a perfect way for women to learn at their own pace and convenience.’ Over 300 users have already reported finding the app useful for their business.  On the app’s convenience, Dao Thi Luong Director of Giam Doc in Vietnam says: “I have been addicted to HerVenture. Since the first day knowing of the app. Any spare time I have – during cooking time, waiting to pick up kids at their school or even when being stuck in traffic jams – I open up the app and explore interesting business lessons.”

At the start of this personalised learning journey the app asks the woman entrepreneur questions about her business experiences and which milestones she has reached on her entrepreneurial journey. This ensures the app can be tailored, creating a personalised learning roadmap with information that will be most beneficial for each entrepreneur.

On the home screen, entrepreneurs have the choice to either start their personalised learning journey or to select the topics that they are specifically interested in discovering more about.

There are five learning tracks on the app. Two learning tracks are specifically offered for the start-up stage: ‘Launching a business’ and ‘Product customisation and innovation’. The remaining three learning tracks facilitate the growth stage of a woman entrepreneur’s business: ‘Expanding market access’; ‘Expanding business operations and workforce’; and ‘Accessing finance’.

Each of the learning tracks features a set of modules and lessons. Through swipe-able cards, quizzes and action plan summaries, HerVenture offers bite-sized, easily digestible and engaging formats for learning, so that women entrepreneurs can learn and develop their skills in a way that is enjoyable, flexible and fast. Each lesson takes only around six to eight minutes. To encourage further engagement, the app also leverages gamification elements – women earn tokens and upgrade levels by learning, sharing, networking, and more.

HerVenture doesn’t just provide a static learning experience either. All modules have question and answer sections where women entrepreneurs can ask questions about the content. In cultivating a peer-to-peer learning environment, responses to questions come from fellow entrepreneurs.

Further helping women entrepreneurs to network, HerVenture enables users to create a profile page for their business. Using the in-built search function women can find and connect with fellow entrepreneurs based on location, industry or user name. In addition to this, the app features a notification section that informs the women of upcoming events in their area.

To ensure the lessons resonate with the women, all users are invited to provide feedback at the end of each module for the Foundation’s continued development of the app to enable us to meet the ongoing needs of women.

The static information is available offline, and with the ability to be adapted to any geography or language across the world, HerVenture is an accessible source of information that could offer business development potential to women entrepreneurs across all low and middle income countries.

HerVenture is currently available for exclusive download in Vietnam and Indonesia at:

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