We have partnered with School of Marketing (SoM) to offer a unique digital skills programme for women entrepreneurs around the world, to help the marketing skills development of those who need to re-position their businesses in light of the pandemic.

The programme is free to all women in our programmes, past and present, for an initial period of six months, giving participants access to the latest thinking and resources from experts in marketing. The programme includes access to a suite of bespoke learning resources on marketing skills and knowledge across five key learning modules. Upon completion, participants will receive a globally recognised qualification.

Through this online programme women can:

• Supplement the knowledge and training they gain from the Foundation
• Increase their business’s resilience in response to changing needs
• Develop the skills they need and apply them to their business
• Study from home in their own time, at their own pace
• Access the latest thinking and resources from experts in marketing
• Earn a globally recognised qualification

“The make-up of the workforce is going to look dramatically different in the coming months and years. What is absolutely clear is that ‘digital’ is going to play a much larger and important role in all our lives. Preparing now for this reality is not an option but an essential, and there is a lot of work that stills needs to be done. Our digital marketing skills programme sits at the heart of this and will help those impacted by the crisis to up-skill and re-train in this critically important area, in order to help them take their next steps into employment or self-employment.”

— Ritchie Mehta, CEO, School of Marketing

The School of Marketing is a leading ‘skill-building’ marketing institution. With over 45 programmes, we exist to inspire a passion for marketing and create extraordinary marketers. Crafted by some of the world’s industry leading experts, School of Marketing is here to inspire, educate and upskill individuals looking to use marketing tools, techniques and skills to make a significant impact in their organisations.

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