The mentee-mentor relationship
The mentoring relationship is a special one, different from most other professional or personal associations. Mentees and mentors forge a unique bond as they combine their ideas, expertise and energy.

Our team takes great care in getting to know participants and working to find them the best possible match, which helps to set their relationships off on the right foot.

A woman entrepreneur and her mentor spend one year focusing on goals that they develop together.  They chart out an action plan at the start of their relationship and meet regularly to work on specific short and long-term objectives.

The content of the mentoring relationship is tailored to the specific needs of the mentee and expertise of the mentor. Every mentee-mentor pair will have meetings that are slightly different and unique to the goals they set out.

Mentoring meetings
Mentees and mentors meet using our platform and online tools such as Google Hangouts or Skype. They keep in touch in between meetings using email and Gchat.

We recommend that mentees and mentors meet at least two hours a month at times that are convenient for both parties. Some pairs meet for one hour every two weeks, while others meet for 30 minutes once a week or two hours once a month.  In the first meeting, the mentee and mentor will decide on a meeting schedule that takes their goals, availability and time zones into account.

Relationship monitoring and support
We have a dedicated team on hand who offer guidance throughout the mentoring relationship. They help mentees and mentors connect, offer resources and advice, intervene when relationships need extra attention and celebrate when mentoring pairs reach their goals.

At three intervals during the mentoring relationship, mentees assess their progress and tell us how they are doing through short, online “performance tracking” questionnaires. At the end of the mentoring relationship,  both mentees and mentors complete an online feedback form.

These are opportunities for participants to reflect on their goals, action plans and learning, and for us to ensure that we are offering the necessary support and resources to each pair.

Phases of a mentoring relationship

During the first month, a woman entrepreneur and her mentor will build the foundation for their relationship by getting to know each other, discussing general goals, sharing stories and information about their lives, establishing ground rules for their year together, chatting about what they’d both like to learn and determining a schedule for their meetings.

After that, they work on clarifying specific goals for their mentoring relationship, outlining an action plan and defining what success will look like for them. They focus on specific objectives and work on the short and long-term goals they outlined.

In the last two months of their year together, a mentee and mentor start reviewing outstanding objectives and chatting about a practical action plan for the future. Before they finish, they discuss if and how they plan to stay in touch in the future, who will take the place of the mentor going forward and ways they can access support, resources and networking opportunities through the online platform as alumni.

Our team provides resources and support every step of the way, and makes sure that each pair has the tools they need to build a fruitful mentoring relationship.  If a mentee or mentor needs to end the relationship early for any reason, we offer assistance and rematch their mentoring partner so they can continue with the programme.

After the first year, many participants even opt to stay in the programme for a second (or even third) year. It is possible to either continue working with the same mentoring partner or be matched with someone new. Others join our worldwide network of alumni and offer support and guidance to new mentees and mentors.

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