Training platform

In partnership with mentoring experts, Clutterbuck Associates, we developed an interactive training and e-learning platform where mentees and mentors can build the foundation for successful mentoring relationships.

Through videos, podcasts, summary documents and interviews, the training covers the latest best practices in cross-cultural mentoring, how to use our interactive platform and getting started. It ensures that all mentors and mentees enter the programme with the same background knowledge while also offering an opportunity
to build and refine skills that are useful in the wider professional and
business worlds. For those who are new to the internet or would like
to build their digital literacy, we offer
training on using key online tools.

All participants complete our training process, which takes less than
three hours and can be done in multiple sittings before they begin
the programme.

Online resource library

During the programme, mentees and mentors can  try out new technologies and further build their ICT, language, mentoring and business skills.

Our platform is home to a wide range of resources that both mentees and mentors can use in their mentoring relationships and businesses. In the online library, participants have access to extensive business, mentoring and professional development tools.

Our team has carefully curated the library to include videos, articles, templates, toolkits and trainings on topics that are relevant to the women entrepreneurs and mentors in this programme.


Each month, we hold webinars for mentees and mentors.

These online meetings give participants front-row access to inspirational experts and industry leaders. They also offer a chance for mentees and mentors to build new skills, connect, ask questions and share ideas.

Webinars have included sessions on search engine optimisation, branding, preparing for financing, leadership and website development.

In our latest webinar, mentees and mentors from Australia, Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, China, Croatia, Hong Kong, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine, Philippines, Rwanda, Serbia, South Africa, the USA and the
UK gathered together online to discuss the fundamentals of starting
a business.

In-person trainings

The majority of the learning and training in this programme is done through our interactive platform. In addition, our team conducts visits to our partner organisations.

During these trips, we meet with mentees and mentors, visit their businesses and conduct in-depth trainings on mentoring, our platform and online tools. These participatory sessions revolve around sharing lessons learned, developing tools to make the most out of mentoring relationships and forging links with other women entrepreneurs in the area. 

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