The community in action
Pioneering, ambitious women entrepreneurs and professionals connect and support one another using our online platform designed with the help of Google. From offices, internet cafés, kitchen tables and broadband centres across the globe, they work on similar objectives, share knowledge and brainstorm solutions together.

To give one example of our community in action, an entrepreneur in India recently posted in the forum that she needed to write a maternity policy for her PR firm. In no time at all, a mentee from Botswana responded over email with tips for retaining staff. A mentor based in South Africa joined in the discussion and together they were able to develop solutions for the entrepreneur in India and to the wider mentoring community generally.

In another example, a new mentor asked for tips on building a successful mentoring relationship. Within a day, she received anecdotes, talking points and encouragement from seasoned mentors and alumni.

Our community works offline as well. At an event for mentees in Nairobi, a travel agency owner met the owner of an interior design business. The travel agency owner had been looking to refresh her office and based on the connection they made at the gathering, hired her fellow mentee to do the work.

The opportunities for collaboration (and a lot of fun along the way) are endless.

Mentoring platform
Our online platform is the engine that makes our vibrant community possible. It is the place where mentees and mentors meet online, review their goals, fill in feedback forms, check out member profiles, visit the e-library and more right from their own personalised welcome page.

What the platform offers:

  • Profiles with personalised information about participants’ businesses, expertise and what they’d like to share with the community
  • Forum where mentees and mentors work together to achieve their goals, accessible both online and by email
  • Library with resources on key business and mentoring topics
  • Over 1000 entrepreneurs and professionals from around the world and links to programme alumni

Group mentors
To enhance learning and capacity building in the community, we nominate accomplished experts to fill special group mentor roles in each intake. They lead working groups on specific topics, such as communications, finance, strategy, human resources and fundraising, and play a critical role in supporting women entrepreneurs and mentors across the programme.

Online and local events
We regularly arrange opportunities for mentees and mentors to get together, both online and in person. Through monthly webinars, participants can hear from inspirational speakers and chat online in real time. We also arrange events with our partner organisations in countries where a group of mentees or mentors meet up in person, share their experiences and network.

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