Women entrepreneurs from over 100 countries (and counting) have joined the Mentoring Programme to date.


We are often asked what kind of businesses the women in our programme run. We have a very diverse group of women entrepreneurs in our online community, running a range of innovative businesses. Mentees operate in over 20 different sectors.

Businesses range from Shea butter production and exporting to jam packaging, construction, solar-dried fruit, hand-made
batiks, prosthetics, a bed and breakfast, mobile money transfer, renewable energy, garbage collection, a social enterprise for children, mining, software development, producing briquettes for domestic cooking, online magazines, consulting, an ICT centre for visually-impaired people, law and much more.

Business stage and size

Mentees own businesses at different stages of growth and of varying sizes. Some women are running micro enterprises from their homes, while other women are running international businesses with 50+ staff members. Nearly one third are just getting started, while the rest have been in business for anywhere between one and twenty years. We see mentoring as valuable for women entrepreneurs at all stages of their entrepreneurial journeys. We think this diversity enriches our community and creates endless opportunities for mentees to learn from one another.


Many mentees credit their mentor’s support with a range of accomplishments, from putting more effective systems in place to becoming more confident and even keeping their business afloat. Because the focus of the mentoring relationships is tailored to the short- and long-term goals of each mentee and the learning objectives of her mentor, the programme offers a bespoke experience and an opportunity for each pair to work on topics that matter most to them.  From mentees who graduated from the programme between 2012 and 2014, we learned that:



A diverse group of entrepreneurs and professionals from over 80 different countries have joined as mentors.

Background and expertise

Similar to the mentees in the programme, the mentors come from many different fields and bring a wealth of diverse expertise to the community.

Nearly 20% of mentors are entrepreneurs themselves, with the rest having gained valuable experience working for years in corporations or non-governmental organisations.

They speak over 30 different languages, in addition to English, and have brought many skill sets to the community.

We welcome applications from prospective mentors from all fields, especially financing, accounting, business strategy and planning, marketing and communications, product development and more. Mentors are both men and women with at least 7 years of experience (and often much more).


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