“The Cherie Blair Foundation Mentoring Women in Business Programme is an excellent example of the power of mentoring to support development of both individual entrepreneurs and their businesses. In my research, I have found that women respond particularly strongly to the quality of the mentor’s belief in them and what they can achieve.”

Professor David Clutterbuck, Practice Lead at Clutterbuck Associates

According to programme participants and an independent evaluation by mentoring experts, Clutterbuck Associates, the Mentoring Programme results in benefits for both mentees and mentors.

More on benefits for mentees

It was one of the defining moments of my life to reach out and ask for help! The feeling that I am not alone trying to stumble along is indescribable!

– Shilpa, a woman entrepreneur from India in the psychology field

Mentoring has had a decisive, real impact on many of the women entrepreneurs in this programme. They credit the tailored support they received with being able to expand their businesses, launch new products, hire staff, write business plans, implement financial systems, build confidence and digital literacy, gain new clients and even keep their businesses afloat.

More on benefits for mentors

My mentee has really inspired me to become more innovative, take more risks and maybe get out of my comfort zone a bit more.

– Marianne, mentor from the UK and human resources executive with an international car rental company

Cross-border mentoring has cultivated a global competency and understanding amongst mentors, which feeds back into their own work and can enrich the companies that employ them. Mentors report that using their business brains in a completely different way helped them to build new skills and stretch their knowledge.  They also gained new professional and personal contacts, confidence and leadership abilities.

The multiplier effect

Benefits can extend beyond individuals to families, communities, corporations and wider society. Mentoring plays a vital role in international development by supporting women entrepreneurs as they break down barriers that prevent them from growing their businesses. On a larger scale, financial autonomy often gives women a greater visibility and voice, which can lead to more inclusive, sustainable economies. Mentors support bright and ambitious women entrepreneurs as they become role models for the next generations.

Our mentees and mentors are best placed to speak about how they have benefited from the programme.  Visit our impact wall to hear what they have to say.

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