In Jerusalem the employment market is characterised by low rates of female participation in the labour force, particularly amongst Arab and Orthodox communities. Women entrepreneurs are particularly underserved in this area, with limited access to tailored business training and financial services.

In 2012, in partnership with the Cheryl Saban Self-Worth Foundation, Economic Empowerment for Women (EEW) and Koret Israel Economic Development Funds (KIEDF), the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women launched an ambitious initiative across the Jerusalem region to address these challenges and support Jewish and Arab women to expand their enterprises.

This project has supported over 300 Jewish and Arab women, providing them with vital business incubation support and access to capital, combined with business and technical services and the development of a network for female entrepreneurs. The expertise of our partner organisations, EEW and KIEDF, has been key to helping women entrepreneurs develop and expand their income-generating activity.

‘This is a pioneering project that provides business incubation, access to capital and networking opportunities for women entrepreneurs in Jerusalem’
– Annabel Azim, Enterprise Development Programme Director


saban foundation

The Cheryl Saban Self-Worth Foundation was formed in 2009 and is a private charitable organisation. The primary mission of the Foundation is to provide grants to organisations that work towards the empowerment and advancement of women.

EEW logo

Economic Empowerment of Women (EEW) supplies low income women in Israel with the knowledge and tools to create their own small businesses as a means for gaining self-sufficiency and alleviating the cycle of poverty in which they live.

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Koret Israel Economic Development Funds (KIEDF) programmes stimulate economic development and employment opportunity in the private sector in Israel through medium, small and micro enterprise development and increases socioeconomic advancement opportunities for low-income populations, mainly women, facing barriers to business training and financing on reasonable terms.

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