“Innovative Women” is a brand new, three-part webinar series dedicated to platforming the voices of women entrepreneurs enrolled in our programmes.

You’ll hear stories of innovation, resilience and determination as these women share their experiences of setting up businesses, the risks they faced and the opportunities they took. Each webinar focuses on one of our three core programmes and the transformational difference each of them make in the lives of women entrepreneurs in low and middle income countries.

Our first webinar showcases a mentor-mentee pair, partnered together for almost a year through the Foundation’s Mentoring Women in Business programme.

Meet mentee Kearabilwe Modise-Moloto and her professional mentor Tony Woods. Kearabilwe and Tony come together to meet virtually across physical and cultural distances, from South Africa and Ireland respectively!

About Kea

Through Bontlebame NPO, Kearabilwe focuses on empowering especially teen girls from rural and township areas. She also works hard to create a safe space for women to connect and network through Arise Magazine and the Christian Women Business Network. She also recently launched the global Christian Women Business Directory. All of this is designed to help women entrepreneurs elevate and advertise their businesses and profiles. Kearabilwe’s appreciation for women who give back to their community led to the launching of the South African Women Givers Awards launched in 2015.

“The experience with The Cherie Blair Foundation was beyond fantastic and it gave me more than what I expected. I guess when you do go into a programme you expect some stringent measures that are designed to make you do one, two, three and four in a particular way, but I found The Cherie Blair Foundation programme, especially with Tony, I was not forced into any cubicle or box … I felt that he gave me the room to explore myself, explore my needs and potential and then when that when we identified that he would help lead me into the right direction.”

About Tony

Tony is an EMEA Learning Business Partner at PayPal. He has worked in various locations around the world, including South Africa, which is coincidentally where our mentee Kearabilwe is from. Tony is a Certified Coach & Training Manager with 15+ years’ experience leading teams & managing in the fintech industry.

“Going forward, I hope to maintain my relationship with The Cherie Blair Foundation for a long time. I think this programme, I think this organisation, is absolutely fantastic and it really aligns to my own sense of purpose and values.”


As we enter the most uncertain holiday period of recent times, the Foundation will continue to empower the resilient and innovative women entrepreneurs we support. Women entrepreneurs we support continue to develop their skills, empower themselves and others, achieve great things with their businesses and most of all persist through the pandemic.

If you would like to support women entrepreneurs this holiday season, make a transformational donation today or find out how you or your company can get involved in our 100,000 Women Campaign!


Our world-class Mentoring Women in Business programme matches employees from a partner company’s workforce with woman entrepreneur mentees in low and middle income countries for one year in a mutually-beneficial business development relationship.

This remote, virtual model stands as a bold example of how women business owners can be supported during the current crisis, and how supporting women entrepreneurs can be centred in a post-pandemic economic re-build. Find out more how your company can partner with our Mentoring programme here!

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