Earlecia’s story: Providing products for the mind, body and soul

Earlecia's skin and haircare products are part of a self care routine that benefits people inside and out.





Earlecia is the owner of Khayr Organics, a line of organic hair and skincare products that she says are good for the soul. Earlecia joined the Road to Growth programme to support her in scaling her business. Here, Earlecia shares her experience.

My name is Earlecia Hieronymo and the business I own is Khayr Organics. Khayr Organics is an organically inspired, wholesome hair, body and soul care line. We provide products that would help persons to care for their hair, their skin and their soul. The soul aspect comes in where we think self care is not only giving you a product and telling you “use it, it’s magical, it works”, self care also involves a lot of mental, physical health, confidence, knowing what you’re doing and why you’re doing it to your skin and hair. It’s an experience. We provide that experience and that type of education to our customers along with these products.

I signed up for Road to Growth since I was at a place where I was yearning to grow. I wanted my business to come out of the stage that it was in. I started in March of 2020 and I launched mid pandemic. However, it blew up without my expectation of it. It blew up tremendously and I was not yet prepared or knowledgeable about the skills to handle such a scale. I wanted to become equipped and so I got a few referrals from persons and I did my research on the organisations, Action Coach as well as the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women. I thought these people seem very established and they seem like they know exactly what they’re going to be giving to me so that I can take my business to that next level.

For my next steps, I already started to implement so many of the things that we learned here and I've already seen progress from Road to Growth and applying those things.

I plan to further take my business to an international platform. I plan to discover new markets. I plan to even seek further business coaching. I plan to improve my customer experience vastly, improve my brand message and my vision so that we can continue to grow beyond what we learned here at Road to Growth.

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