Juliet runs a vegetable stall in Nairobi, Kenya. In 2020, as the global pandemic hit, we brought our flagship business skills training app HerVenture to women entrepreneurs in Kenya, thanks to support from our partner DHL Express. Juliet is one of the 1,100 Kenyan women who took the opportunity to make use of the app and strengthen her business against COVID-19’s impacts…

“My name is Juliet Kathendu and I sell vegetables and food. I’ve been in business since January, I wanted to be self-independent. I do other jobs as well like washing clothes and farming in rural areas. Before this was a house help so I decided to start a business instead.

Some challenges are a lack of courage and capital to start a business. I have drive in me to become a businesswoman. When a woman has money, everything can be very well for the country and family.

COVID has affected the business, I was almost done at one point, no products came into Nairobi, but I found myself through this pandemic.

I’m self-independent and I’m the boss. Managing my time and I can open when I want to, I enjoy it. My proudest moment is seeing new clients in my business.

I was introduced to the HerVenture app though a person who came to the community, and I downloaded it. I learned about expanding, online and international businesses and budget. It has helped me to have courage and to move forward and know what I’m capable of.

Before the app I didn’t know much about business, but I have a good picture now. A story of a coffee shop in the app helped me overcome challenges during the pandemic and it made me move forward.

I have confidence and the app has helped me to know that, as a woman, if I start anything with confidence, then I will make it. I teach other women how to start a business from nothing too, so that they can become something.

I’m a humble, hardworking, serious and courageous woman, and I can face any challenges. We need material things as well, many women in Kenya have visions but not the tools.

Online business has helped me – I learned it from the HerVenture app. In the future you won’t find me here, I will be an international businesswoman, because I have that big vision in me.

“I have that big vision in me”: HerVenture makes waves with women in Kenya

After launching in Kenya in May 2020, by November HerVenture had supported over 1,100 Kenyan women entrepreneurs like Juliet to successfully grow their small businesses during an incredibly challenging time.

We’re pleased to share with you these fantastic impacts, alongside a video featuring the stories of several of these women, with important words from Professor Margaret Kobia, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Public Service and Gender, Kenya.

The app remains available to women in Kenya, who can download it for free on iOs and Android.

100,000 Women Animation

Bringing HerVenture to Kenya forms part of our ambitious 100,000 Women Campaign to support another 100,000 women in low and middle income countries by 2022.

HerVenture is highly scalable and adaptable. The Foundation is actively seeking funding partnerships to enable the app to launch in, but not limited, to Rwanda, South Africa, Ethiopia, Uganda, Ghana, Tanzania and Mozambique, with each iteration carefully adapted for a local context. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss potential partnerships!

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