Road to Growth

Road to Growth is a training and development programme designed to build business skills and financial literacy using ‘blended learning’.


HerVenture is a mobile learning app that provides essential business training and support, enabling women to access skills-building information ‘on the go’.

Mentoring Women in Business

Mentoring Women in Business pairs women with mentors elsewhere in the world for one year, creating personalised relationships and support.

One-Stop Shop

One-Stop Shops provide a suite of locally-designed, holistic training, services, support and opportunities, all run from a physical location within a community.

Our geographical priorities have been informed by the women’s entrepreneurship landscape; the needs of women entrepreneurs, the nature of the ecosystem, and our ability to make an impact on the growth of these businesses. Wherever we work, we work in partnership with national organisations who work directly with women entrepreneurs to deliver our tried and tested products and services.

2020 – 31,000 women

This year, we aim to reach over 31,000 women across Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, Indonesia, Vietnam and Mexico through our Entrepreneurship programmes, as well as an additional 1,800 globally through our Mentoring work.

So far about two thirds of our 2020 programme is funded.

2021 – 50,000 women

Next year, we’re targeting another 50,000 women across these countries plus South Africa, as well as another 2,000 all over the world through the Mentoring programme.

We still need funding for about two thirds of 2021’s programme.

2022 – 58,000 women

Finally, in the third year of the Campaign, we’re hoping to reach an ambitious 58,000 women – including 3,000 with Mentoring – expanding our One-Stop Shops into east Africa and southeast Asia.

None of 2022’s programme is funded… Yet!


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