Road to Growth was successfully piloted with 500 women business owners in Nigeria in 2015-16 and was subsequently launched in Mexico in 2018.

Read more about the impact of the Nigeria pilot.

Following on from these initiatives, we are continuing our collaborative venture with ExxonMobil Foundation in 2019 in Nigeria.

Road to Growth will continue to provide support to women entrepreneurs in a series of phases. This iteration will also include the use of our new micro-learning mobile app, HerVenture.

Phase 1

Two thousand women access learning, networking and support opportunities through our mobile learning app HerVenture. The app features five learning ‘tracks’ on a range of needs, including launching a business, product innovation and expanding market access. Based on user input, the app suggests a personalised learning roadmap for each entrepreneur. It also allows users to find and connect with each other, as well as learn about local business events.

Phase 2

  • 2a. Eight hundred of these women will be selected to undertake financial literacy and investment readiness training over six weeks. The women will take an online training course structured around a custom-built ‘Road to Growth’ curriculum. This will be supplemented with face-to-face training and support and peer-to-peer learning.
  • 2b. Other women will have access to a solely online version of the training course.

Phase 3

160 of the women who complete phase 2a will also be selected to receive further intensive support over six months to access financial services, investment, and new markets through advanced business workshops and customised coaching.

If you are a women entrepreneur and want to be part of our upcoming Road to Growth programme learn more about how to apply here.

road to women's business growth nigeria


Established in 2003, the Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) is an education centre that offers business development services to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), including training, advisory services, mentoring, experts-in-residence, network meetings, and access to markets and information. EDC’s clients include the World Bank Group, International Finance Corporation (IFC), Goldman Sachs and local small and medium enterprise banks in Nigeria.


Road to Growth: A model for boosting women’s business success

Published: October 2018
Our Road to Women’s Business Growth initiative, developed in partnership with the ExxonMobil Foundation, aims to boost the financial literacy and business management skills of women owners of small businesses. This report seeks to add further insight to the critical discourse evidencing effective interventions to advance women’s economic empowerment. Drawing on the findings of an independent evaluation of the Road to Growth pilot in Nigeria, conducted by the London School of Economics’ Innovation Co-Creation Lab, it presents encouraging evidence that our model delivered significant impact for women entrepreneurs.

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