Road to Growth is a unique initiative that supports women owners of small and growing enterprises in business management and investment readiness with the goal of empowering the entrepreneurs to become confident owners of thriving enterprises.

After successful pilots in Nigeria and Mexico, in 2019, we continue to support more women in Nigeria and Mexico through our successful Road to Growth models.  In partnership with ExxonMobil Foundation and Bedu, we have brought the Road to Growth programme back to Mexico to support 180 women entrepreneurs in accelerating their business growth.

As with the previous year’s programme, we will focus on supporting women entrepreneurs through a two-phased approach. The first phase of the project will provide 180 women entrepreneurs with six weeks of support focusing on their business management and investment readiness skills. The support will be delivered through our custom built “blended learning” curriculum that provides face to face and online learning.

Fifty of the women entrepreneurs will enter a second phase of our programme, where they will receive intensive business support over six months, including extended training, personalised mentoring sessions and the opportunity to pitch to potential partners and investors.

Following feedback from women entrepreneurs who participated on the programme last year, for the first time, we’re incentivising this year’s cohort to engage fully with all aspects of the programme by asking them to provide a small nominal fee equivalent to £30 for their participation.

To discover more about the ambitions and achievements of our previous Road to Growth programme in Mexico visit our 2018 page.

To find out more about the entrepreneurial ecosystem for women entrepreneurs in Mexico, take a look at our 2018 report and infographic: ‘Understanding how to unleash the untapped potential of women entrepreneurs in Mexico’.

To read more about the programme in Spanish, visit the Road to Growth Mexico website.

To learn more about what motivates the women entrepreneurs in our programme, listen to Ale, owner of La Talla Perfecta.



Founded in 2016, Bedu is a non-conventional business school committed to teaching the business skills needed to launch, operate and develop successful businesses. Bedu combines online learning with in person classroom sessions and personalized coaching to make sure every student has both the flexibility and personalized attention they need to thrive. Bedu’s programs are created by education and business experts, delivering state of the art content. The courses include training, mentoring, industry experts and networking events with key players in Mexico’s entrepreneurial community.


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