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Manjit joined the Mentoring Programme in 2013. She wanted to use her experience in business development to support a woman on her entrepreneurship journey. Matched with Beatrice, an entrepreneur running a small cosmetic business in Kenya, Manjit began to realise our Mentoring Programme could lead to a momentous change in her own personal and professional life.

“Little did I know at the time just how this program would affect change in my life and help me find my ‘calling’.”

Together Beatrice and Manjit worked on reducing expenditure, increasing sales and building on Beatrice’s self-confidence as an entrepreneur. Beatrice saw staggering results! She even halved her expenditure. Beatrice told us: “It’s been the most fulfilling business journey I have ever undertaken.”

During one of their online meetings Beatrice talked to Manjit about the struggles of women in Kenya to access menstrual products. Moved by the issue, Manjit visited Beatrice in Nairobi within two months to conduct some research. Together they interviewed several nearby communities about menstrual health and Manjit then continued the research in India. This led to the creation of Binti International, a social enterprise headquartered in the UK, working in India to teach women how to sustainably produce their own sanitary pads for their communities.

Binti’s mission is to provide menstrual dignity to girls, all over the world. The organisation facilitates access to sanitary pads, educates girls about menstruation and dispels stigma, taboos, myths and negative perceptions about menstruation. Today Binti International has offices in the UK, India and the US. Their menstrual education programme has been delivered in India, Malawi, Nairobi, Nepal, Swaziland, The Gambia, the UK and Uganda.

Manjit has featured across international media and met with politicians and celebrities. She even recently received a letter from the UK prime minister congratulating her on being named one of the UK’s Points of Light for her exceptional service.

“5 years ago we whispered about our periods and today we have menstrual conversations with the Royals, Politicians, Hollywood, Bollywood and in villages and homes across the world. And it’s all because I was a mentor on the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women.”

  • Manjit, mentor and Founder Binti International

Our Mentoring Programme has two intakes each year in May and November for both mentees and mentors to embark on a 12 month life-changing journey together. Applications for our next intake are now open. Learn more about the programme on our mentoring page. Mentors can apply to get involved through this online form, and mentees can learn about eligibility criteria or apply through google.

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