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The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women (the Foundation) and Qualcomm Wireless Reach (Qualcomm) have been partnering since 2016. To date, a total of 4,820 women entrepreneurs in Vietnam have been supported through this collaboration. For the first two years of the partnership, Qualcomm supported women entrepreneurs through the Mentoring Women in Business programme, and in Spring 2018, the Foundation and Qualcomm launched DevelopHer.

DevelopHer combines the Foundation’s HerVenture app and Mentoring Women in Business Programme, and utilises the power of wireless technologies to address the barriers (such as limited time and flexibility, as well as conflicting household and business demand) that many women entrepreneurs face. This programme combines the scale and volume of a mobile learning app with in-depth, personalised mentoring to give women access to life-changing business resources, training and support, at times and locations convenient to them.

Want to hear more about the programme from one of its participants?

Chau Huyen Nguyen is the co-founder of the Library Collaborative Art and Architecture Library (CA’ in short) – a creative space with a collection of nearly 4,000 specialized books and a variety of creative tools. CA’ is managing a large variety of projects, from Building Schools for Kids to provide educational infrastructure and encourage education for poor highland children to projects like Action for Lung Tam where they are co-designing the new Lung Tam Linen weaving cooperative with the local people, in order to improve productivity for more than 150 female members. Chau knew of HerVenture through WISE’s Facebook Page and has been excited to experience lessons of the application.

Chau shared with us her impressions of HerVenture: “The app is very useful, interesting and user-friendly”. Chau continued to share her thoughts, noting that the “Lessons are systemized and logically designed, simplifying complicated issues, especially those are related to finance.”

Chau is currently in charge of implementing many development projects in ethnic minority areas of the Northern mountainous provinces. She often takes the time on the car traveling to the project sites to explore HerVenture’s new lessons. It is also an effective use of time.
“HerVenture provides lessons on flash cards which help learners to learn and remember in easier and more interesting ways than reading thick theoretical books. Capital raising and management is my favourite lesson as it is the issue I am concerned at the moment” – Chau said.

Since the partnership renewal in July 2019, DevelopHer has:
• Reached 1,519 women entrepreneurs through the mobile app component, HerVenture. We achieved this by leveraging our partnerships and using social media to advertise the new, recently launched learning track called Managing Business records.
• We have also recruited 76 women entrepreneurs from the ASEAN region (Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia and Myanmar) to participate in our November 2019 intake.

Between December 2019 and June 2020, we will continue to expand the Foundation’s support for women entrepreneurs by:
• Exploring partnerships across Vietnam to reach the target of at least 6,000 women through the HerVenture component of DevelopHer. Some of these include exploring the following:
• A partnership with a mobile phone operator as well as other non-government organisations that support women entrepreneurs.
• Collaborating with key opinion leaders with a large social media following and strengthening the capacity of our local partners to promote HerVenture through social media.
• Overseeing the mentor and mentee relationships of the women who are involved in the Mentoring Women in Business Programme who will be graduating in March 2020. As well as supporting the newly recruited mentees who joined the November 2019 intake who are due to graduate November 2020.




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