For every woman who has discovered the power of being an entrepreneur, so many more are held back by lack of access to knowledge, confidence, finance and networks. This isn’t right, and it means families, communities and indeed whole societies are missing out on equality, prosperity and growth.

That’s where our world-class Mentoring Women in Business programme steps in. We pair women entrepreneurs in low and middle income countries with businesspeople all over the world in one-on-one, online professional mentoring relationships that help break through these barriers, with fantastic benefits for mentees and mentors alike.

We never charge mentees to participate, however our programme does cost money to run: £1,100 for each pair’s year-long journey. This covers developing training and learning resources, providing strong support from our team, and the running of our brilliant, newly-developed mentoring platform. Traditionally, these costs are covered by our corporate partners, who also contribute mentors from their own workforces. But as word-of-mouth spreads about this fantastic opportunity, more and more people outside of our partners’ teams wish to participate as mentors.

We’re delighted to be able meet this demand with our new independent mentoring opportunity where mentors can self-fund (or ask their employers to fund) their participation and that of their mentee. However, recognising the huge benefits mentors report experiencing on their own skills and confidence, we also wish to offer the chance to be a mentor—for free—to the talented and experienced women entrepreneurs in low and middle income countries who have previously participated in our programmes, as a further way of supporting them and continuing their professional growth.

This is where we need you.


We’re asking you to generously contribute to our newly-created Scholarship Fund so that more women entrepreneurs can participate as mentors and mentees, develop new skills, build their confidence, grow their businesses, and ultimately be part of closing the gender gap in entrepreneurial opportunity. While the cost is £1,100 for each pair, we welcome a donation of any size, no matter how big or small. Your gift will support not just one but two women to undertake this enriching experience, as mentee and mentor, and help create the fantastic ripple effect for families and communities that comes from women running thriving small business. When women entrepreneurs have the support and opportunities to thrive, the future is transformed: businesses flourish, communities prosper, economies grow and attitudes shift.

100% of your donation will go towards supporting our Mentoring Women in Business Scholarship and will directly enable women entrepreneurs to participate.

Thank you!

Be a business hero

Our remote, virtual Mentoring Women in Business model stands as a bold example of how women business owners can be supported during the current crisis, and how supporting women entrepreneurs can be centred in a post-pandemic economic re-build.

You can become a mentor and be part of this fantastic impact: download the brochure on your right and find out more here!


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