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Over the past 15 years EY has celebrated the successes of entrepreneurs at its annual EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year awards. This year the event spanned four days in Monaco, kicking off with the Women in Leadership Summit.

Cherie was invited to speak in the afternoon session on ‘Women Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets’. In conversation with Uschi Schreiber (Chair, Global Accounts Committee and Vice Chair, Global Markets at EY) Cherie discussed the challenges she has faced in her own career, the experiences that inspired her to establish the Foundation, and how our work today is impacting hundreds of thousands of women entrepreneurs worldwide.

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  • Jahnavi Katti

    Wonderful conversation between Cherie Blair and Uschi Schreiber ! Inspiring entrepreneurs around the globe.A lot has been done by the Cherie Blair Foundation and a lot to do was the simple message given especially in the area of funding which many women entrepreneurs feel the need .It was a very motivating to hear Cherie Blair’s story.Thanks !

  • Aparna Belapurkar

    I am fortunate to work with both EY and the Cherie Blair Foundation for women, and think both organisations are doing a fabulous job! I have been a mentor for over 2 years since my B-school and have found the coaching interactions and experiences with entrepreneur mentees very rewarding and enriching. It is a great way to support other women across the world and contribute to their success in a small way.

    • Yarlini

      Hi Aparna
      I am setting up my new business which focuses on empowering women and children I would love to work in partnership with your Cherie’s organisation.
      Kind Regards



      Empowering lives everyday,
      giving individuals the opportunity to strive towards the lifestyle they deserve.

  • Dr Fatmo Monayajo

    Will like to work as a mentor for young women

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